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I have had Deeka for a week now. She is 8 months old and she is spayed. She is nervous of everything. Every sound in the house will send her running, any quick movement. She is nervous in the yard also. The only time she isnt nervous is when she is going for a walk. When she acts nervous and is pacing back and forth or trying to run from something I ignore her and dont comfort her. Also she is nervous of the kids(she was never around kids before I got her). She will growl at them at times. Please I really need to know what to do with her. I dont want to give up on her. Any advice I would really appreciate.

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Perhaps spending some time with her, just you and her, and stroking and petting her will help. If she is nervous and upset, ignoring it will not help. She is going through a big change. The fact that she is 8 months old, tells me that she in effect feels rejected from her previous home. That is upsetting to anyone, especially a young Doberman.

It is important that she feels comfortable and wanted and her attitude demonstrates that she does not. You mentioned that she likes the walk, maybe because it is time with you. You are the leader of the pack, and any attention you manage to give her will go a long way in settling her down.