In Need of a Puppy Trainer who will work with me and Trinity ONE on ONE

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Hey everyone!!!

I'm looking for a dog trainer who will work with me and my 9 month old female one on one.  Trinity has been to puppy school when she was younger...but she still needs help...or I should say I need help.  She seems to be controlling...I want to take her back to obedience classes, but I feel like I need to be able to handle her first.  Does anyone know of a Trainer in the Chicago, IL area (Specifically in the Oakbrook, IL area)? Please help...

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:) Hi Dobie050909. Nine months old is still young and you have to make the training really interesting for the dog to stay tuned in, and even then they have to be for short periods of time.
I would give the obedience classes a try, they will give you lots of ideas to use in how to be a good handler.
Ive also found that my dog often learns by example and will often 'get it' after he see's it done by someone else.
Ive seen the halti collar work with good effect. Dogs pulling their owners one week return the following with them on and they are as calm as anything.
May I ask how you think she is controlling and good luck if you decide you would still like some one on one.