need play-biting tips for 9 weeks old

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Hey everyone!

My new puppy is a male black/rust dobie and is 9 weeks old. His name is Zeus, which is quite funny because i was reading over the forum and someone else named his dobie Zeus as well. He has been with me for about a week now. He is a great little guy and is very intelligent. I am currently crate training him and have made some progress. He currently sleeps in my room in his bed. I am curious whether or not i should leave him in the crate over night? He already responds to come and sit commands. The only issue that i am having is that he turns into a little monster when he play-bites and prefers my families feet and hands instead of his chew toys. I have tried everything that was recommended on the site, he does respond sometimes and stops, but most of the time his play-biting just intensifies. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks - Jack

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I have found the best way to correct a very young puppy (and even a 6 year old one) is to just do it the way mama did - pop them on the nose. Use the first two fingers of your hand and it won't hurt them. The light pop is enough to get their attention and then just say no. If they persist, then put them up - ah - the blessings of a crate.

He may whimper and cry a bit at first when you put him up and you will need to learn the difference between "I want out" and "I need to go outside" for success. Never use the separation as a first tactic. They want above all to be with their people, and they need to learn that to be with their people they need to behave.

I forgot to mention, one thing you can also do is holler out loud when he nips you. It sounds silly, but it will startle him as he is not meaning to hurt, just being playful. But you do need to stop it while he is still young.

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a couple other tactics i've heard is to put your hand in his mouth, sort of like you are karate chopping the back of his mouth. Of course don't actually hit, just use that form, and make it uncomfortable and associate that discomfort with having your hand in his mouth. You can also sort of cuff his bottom jaw shut. Personally, I feel that the bop on the nose or the cuff, and maybe even the yell is your best bet. This is because I don't want my dog to associate my hand in his mouth with something bad, because at times when he is older I may need to look at his teeth, brush them, get something out of his mouth, etc. But all are proven tactics. If you have questions about training, you may wanna look into order Don Sullivans dvd set. I did, and there are actually a lot of helpful bits of information in them. Everything from training to solving problem behaviors. A little pricy, but very effective. That in collaboration with other sources of information, and you should be able to deal with just about any problem.