Need great home for great doberman

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I live in the DFW(TEXAS) area and am looking for the right home for my 6 year old,female, black dob.  Her name is Dingo and she is an incredible dog. We have had a baby recently and Dingo does not seem happy ever since.  She is the most lovable dog, loves everyone...except our baby.  She has been escaping our fence more (owner needs an 8 ft fence or proper means to keep her where she belongs).  DIngo is great with our other two dogs and does not seem bothered with our 2 cats. SHe is an indoor dog most of the time.  She loves to snuggle under the covers and on the couch.  We will screen new owners carefully, because we want Dingo to go to the best home for her.  We want Dingo to be loved and cared for.  She is full breed and has been spayed. 

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Hi there-
We lost our beloved FiFi last week.  At 6 yrs of age, your Dingo is in her twilight years.  Our FiFi was 11 when she passed on after a diagnosis of bone cancer.  We currently have "PreciousPeaches and Cream" - cal name Peaches - an almost 5 yr old girl.  Our 26 yr old son is devastated by the loss of his FiFi.  Feel free to giveus a call at (262) 781-8640 to discuss potential placement of Dingo


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Hi Eva, First of all, let me say how sorry I am for your loss.  I know your heart is so sad cuz fifi died.  I am so honored that you would even consider Dingo.  But, I am afraid that we would have no way of getting her to Wisconsin.  That is so far away.  :(  Do y'all live there? 

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Hi, I have a Doberman 8 months old 55 lbs. He is been in our house for the last three weeks, lovely, hosuse train, he adjust really nice to our house but my 4 year old son did not. My son is hitting the dog kicking him when he is sleeping, fighting for his toys, I just want to prevent an accident, any body whilling to provide Kyzer with a new home? I am a Police Officer here in Camp lejeune, any questions email me @

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Pet Profiles

Sounds like the child needs to be disciplined...this behavior is not exceptable.

I agree the child should be taught not to hit or kick any animal. At 4 years old they are definitely capable of learning this. I've always raised my children around dogs and would not allow this to happen. I feel very badly for the poor dog in your home

What is scary about this situation is you have only had this puppy who is 8 mo old for 3 weeks and unfortunately if your son is allowed to keep doing this you are going to end up with an accident and frankly it wouldn't be the dogs fault. It is also sad that at 8 mo he has had already at least 2 homes and ready to go to one more.

What area do you live in I would be more than happy to contact a rescue group to see if they could take him immediately and find him an appropriate home so he wont have to be passed from home to home. They do a very nice job of screening homes to prevent things like what you are talking about.

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have a 2 year old rescued red femal would love another

however live in NJ

good luck