Need A Good Trainer in the Austin, TX Area

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Hello All,

I started a puppy kindergarten class with Prince two weeks ago and, despite good reviews, I was not impressed. The class was disorganized, impersonal, and simply did not live up to its expectations in my opinion. So, I decided to find another trainer. Does anyone know of any good trainers in the Austin, TX area? I'd really appreciate the help.

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The closest I can come to for an answer: is my daughter who lives in Austin.. She's not a trainer for dogs, but a coach for marathons and triathlons .. sorry.
I would check the net for " Dog Trainers in Austin", then go visit the facilities and see for yourself. Austin is so progressive, I am sure you;ll find the perfect person.

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I live just South of Austin and I'm sorry to say I do not know of anyone.  Have you asked at your Vet's office?  They are usually VERY helpful with stuff like that and can recommend someone or at least get a starting point for you to find someone.