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Hi! We are new to Gentle Doberman and new to the Doberman breed. Naya is now 6 months old and the first Doberman we have had as a member of our family. She is so sweet and smart, it took me about 5 minutes to teach her how to turn on the light. We got her from a Doberman breeder (Circle M Dobermans) She has been a member of our family since she was 7 weeks old. Everything has been going along great and I have been coming to this site often even before we brought her home but, just over the pass few weeks I have lodged onto the forum trying to find out information on a skin allergy Naya has been having. She has red bumps down her back. They get really bad and then clear up when I use coal tar shampoo. Today it was all better and than an hour later it's back and now her eye is swollen. She has also had trouble in the pass with her vaccines, she would have a reactions each time, a bump the first time, than her face swelled up, and next her elbow. I could use all the help I can get from anyone who has seen something like this in their Doberman. I contacted the breeder and she has no idea. 

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Sometime I will give them the child's dose of Benadryl to see if it is allergenic(not sure if that's a word).I have done this with bee stings,reactions to plants, and food allergies and within the hour their back to normal.Call your vet and see if Benadryl is OK for your pup and if so you can try this.Then by process of elimination you can find out what is causing it.It could be as simple as a grain in the food or a houseplant.