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Good Morning and happy Monday to everyone.. I was thinking about all the dobermans and owners I've met on this forum and the thought occurred to me that some of our dogs have very unique names and I'm sure there's a wonderful reason behind that. Wouldn't it be fun to discuss and share why we named our beloved pets what we did?
Okay, I'll start:

Sofia: Because she's so elegant and regal ( Queen Sofia of Spain)

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I actually let my at the time 6 yr old son name Snoopy.  I asked him to help me think of a name and he likes the Snoopy character so first he said red power ranger, then I told him we could not name him that.  He then said how about Snoopy, and I said we should come up with something original.  He just started to call the dog that and Snoopy started to respond and it stuck...

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The dobies on Magnum P.I. were named Zeus and Apollo. My original goal was to keep the greek god theme with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, but I felt Aphrodite was too long and would be hard for her to respond to. So I chose Hera, Zeus' wife. When I told my 16 year old daughter about Hera she had a fit, saying Hera was not a good name and that she would not accept it. So I went back to the think tank, wanting to stay with the goddess theme. I thought awhile and Freyja came to mind. Freyja is a Germanic goddess who has been given credit for being the goddess of many things, but is most noted as the Germanic/Nordic goddess of love and sensuality. "What a great name for a female dobie", I thought. I also knew it would be a conversation starter, which it has been. Once Rachel ok'd Freyja that was it. We call her crate Folkvangr. I'm still looking for a collar that would be worthy of being called Brisingamen.

Other names considered were Livia (Augustus Caesar's wife) and Theodora (Byzantine Emperor Justinian's Emperess). In the end Freyja won by a landslide. 

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When I took delivery of my new red female puppy and traveled back to the Motel, I called her Princess once and she looked at me. So I started calling her that and it stuck.

With my 7 year old red male, his Sire was called Rusty, which I thought was a good name for a red male. But I didn't want to call him that, so I started calling him Red. Of course his registered name is different, Baron Erich von Redmon. (All of my Dobies have had German names on their registrations).

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Brinks was named by my husband...  after I refused to name him Loki (begged for by the 2 girls).  I thought a male dobe puppy would be enough of a handful without naming him after the Norse god of Mischief!!!!  Neighborhood kids had broken into the truck about 2 months before we got him & Don said we wouldn't need Brinks or ADT with a good doberman in residence.  So, Brinks it was...

Milady was agreed on by all of us - those who still live here & a few who don't anymore.  Her name at the rescue was Mags...  it just didn't fit her.  So I called & emailed everyone to come up with names starting with "M" to try to keep it easier for her to adjust.  After many suggestions (including but not limited to:  Minerva, Macy, Miracle, Mercy, Maeve, Melody & Miranda) Bree came dancing into the living room saying "I've got it!  I've got it!  How about Milady?"  Poor girl had never had a chance to become a DoberDiva but aren't the ladies of the royal entourage usually called milady?  She may not be royalty (yet) but I thought it was a good place to start  :)

great idea ladykate. Our oldest Elly the kids named. The second Boo, came with that name from breeder at 4 mo old we couldn't agree on anything else and it kind of stuck, our little boo girl. The movie monsters inc was out at the time and the cute little girl in the movie was named Boo. Not to mention she was born right around Halloween, so it was just meant to be. Paris (Boo's child) came and I always let the kids name the puppies in the litter so my middle daughter a teenager, named her after the popular Paris Hilton lol. Romeo (Paris child) was named by my youngest daughter, I haven't heard of to many Romeo's so I agreed and think it is cute. Fits his sweet and loving personality.

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I was so taken with "Casanova" the great agility doberman. Thought that to be a FABulous name for the great champion! And Rnddobermans, in keeping with your "secret- litter" I always thought "Beauty Secret" might be a fun name for one of the dobergirls. But now I'm naming other peoples' dogs, and that's not what this is about.  Love the stories. You guys are so imaginative~ "Brinks" just cracks me up!! What a great name.. ( my neighbor calls Sofia: "Baroness Vonn Stubelbutt") They certainly live up to their names don't they!!

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I try to name most of my red girls "red" names so I've had a Henna, Siren, Ember, Blush, Rory. I have a red male now named Copper for the obvious reason. 

Right now, I own Karma, Rory, Zeke, Shelby, Kismet, Royal, Moxie and Copper. 

Karma is Can. Ch. Glengate's Remember The Future CD, ROMC, CGN, LC10, BFL-1.  I wanted the word "remember" in her name because her mom was Ember and it's in the word "remember".  Her sire was Can. Ch. Solar's Back To The Future so I thought that Remember The Future contained reference to both parents and was kind of a nonsensical term in one way (how can you remember something that hasn't happened yet?) but also kind of smart from a breeding standpoint because we should always be thinking of the future.  I just liked the name Karma, no reason there.

Karma's sister, Rory, is Can. Ch. Glengate's Come What May CD, ROMC, CGN LC10, BFL-1.  The puppies were born in May, so that's where Come What May came from.  As a little pupper, I called her Zipper because she has a cowlick, looks like a zipper, down her nose.  Rory is a Celtic word or Gaelic, I think, for red.  Her original owner wanted to name her something really girly like Savannah or Holly, but I told her that she was a tomboy and needed a name which could be used for either gender like Frankie or Stevie or Tommie or Rory ...  She loved Rory and went with that.  She returned Rory to us when Ro was around 2 or so, as she (the owner) was ill.

Zeke is Can. Ch. Glengate’s Calm Like A Bomb Am. Can. CD, CGN BFL-1.  Calm Like A Bomb is a Rage Against The Machine song or album title, don’t remember which.  I saw the phrase one day and saved it for just the right puppy.  I’ve had people find me at shows who have seen the name in the catalogue and just loved it and had to come and tell me – lol.  My husband loves the name Zeke and wanted to name a male puppy that for the longest time, and I hate it and always said no.  When this litter was born, the last thing we needed was a male puppy but he looked so promising that I didn’t want to let him go so I started using some “marriage psychology” and just started calling him Zeke so hubby wouldn’t make me sell him.  He told me it wouldn’t work.  It did.  I call Zeke “ZZ” a lot. 

Shelby is Can. Ch. Gorrmae’s Simply Complicated.  I like oxymorons so that’s why I chose her registered name.  We got her at 4 months and the breeder was already calling her Shelby.  I was going to change it and then figured why bother.

Kismet is Can. Ch. Glengate September To Remember TT BFL-1.  Kismet is Karma’s daughter so that seemed appropriate.  Born in September, and a granddaughter of Ember so I was hoping to include “remember” in the name again and got it twice with SeptEMBER to RemEMBER. 

Royal is Can. Ch. Glengate’s Rock Royalty.  All of the registered names of this litter contain the word “rock”.  I was using that word because their grandsire was a male name Rocket, Rocket’s mom was Am. Ch. Ehlhaus Cest Bon V Rock N Roll, and the sire of the litter was in Illinois.  As I was driving along to get to the sire, I kept noticing all of the places with Rock in their names on my way, so it seemed like a good litter theme.  I was originally going to name Royal some kind of rock icon name like Mick (Jagger) or something like that, but I ended up thinking that Royal was fairly original and went with that instead. 

Royal’s sister, Moxie, is Glengate’s Rock It To The Max.  As I said, all of the registered names in that litter contain the word Rock.  As I said, their grandfather was Rocket so Rock It is a play on that.  And their sire is Max.  I was going to call Moxie “Maxie” but I don’t really care for it that much, and she showed such moxie as a puppy that it was a natural choice.  She was the last one born of 9.  We thought we were done at 8, and along she came 3+ hours later, total surprise.  She was obviously very crammed in there.  She was essentially born as a head followed by a pancake.  She was the flattest puppy I’ve ever seen, and the smallest in the litter.  She really had to fight her littermates for a place to nurse, although I always helped her by urging her mom to move away from the 8 and I’d set little Moxie up to nurse alone while the others tried to find mom.  Moxie’s nickname is “Tick” because she’s usually embedded on my body somewhere like a tick.  She’s quite a cuddler. 

Copper is Glengate’s Worth Evry Red Cent.  A lot of people call a penny a copper or a red cent.  All of the puppies in that litter have the word “red” in the registered names as it was a red to red breeding and all puppies were, of course, red. 

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When I was a little girl, our family had a red doberman named Alexander Von Ripper the Terrorizer III.  We just called him Alex, or "Bud" for short.  After Alex died, we got a black dobie and named him Ruger.  I had grown and moved out of the house by then and, wouldn't you know it, I married a cat man.  So, for the first 17 years of our marriage, we've had cats.

Last year, both of our cats died within a few months of each other.  It was lonely without a pet in the house and somehow I convinced my husband to let me get a puppy.  I found a Doberman puppy for sale and told him if he bought me that puppy he wouldn't have to get me an anniversary gift.  So, he relented and got me the puppy.

He was red and beautiful and the only name that fit him was Xander, a derivative of Alexander, after my childhood doberlove.  We dubbed him "Xander Von Menace the Destroyer," which can be taken differently depending on the day.  In his early puppyhood, Xander was a menace to us and a destroyer of all things his puppy teeth could get attached to.  As he is getting older (and bigger) he becomes more menacing and a bringer-of-potential-destruction to anyone who would dare harm the family. 

And, wouldn't you know it... Xander was MY anniversary gift, but that dang doberman attached himself to my husband instead!  I know Xander loves me, but not quite the same way he loves my husband.  Grrrrrrrr. 

I keep threatening that I'll get a Min-Pin and name him "Mini Me" just so I can have a dog to curl up to on the couch... I doubt that will happen though, since Xander would probably name it "Snack."   ;)