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Hello All,

Although I have already posted some topics to the forum, I have yet to formally introduce myself and my pup, Prince. Prince is my 12 week old love of my life. He is my first dobie ever and has been a great addition to the family and has given my maltipoo Bella a friend and rough housing buddy. Prince loves to sleep with his head in my Ugg boot for some reason. Prince will be a show dog and plans on entering his first show in three months. We look forward to asking questions and sharing our stories on this forum.

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Pet Profiles

:)Love the photo's and what a handsome lad he is. I especially love the one where his ears are pointing together. Its as if he is saying 'namaste'
Ps you are lucky to still have those ugs ;D I have mine locked away ;D ;D ;D with just a small hole ;)