My baby girl, Delila

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Ok, so this is my baby girl, Delila!! She is a female, of course, black and brown, 1 year old!! I just got her about a month ago from someone that was going to take her to a shelter. The guy that I got her from said she was too wild for him and didn't have the room to let her run around. I went to go and see her and immediately fell in love with her!! The weird part was that she is not wild at all!! My kids play with her and she protects them just like my Diablo!! I let her run loose and she will not go out of the yard at all!! She is very calm and always wants to sit on the couch with my boys! She also did not have papers, but I didn't care because I didn't want her in the shelter. She was too beautiful to be put through that!! She just warmed up to us and now she listens to me more than my husband!! Ha, Ha!! I think she knows that she is my dog and not his!! I think that is about it!!! Thanks everyone, any suggestions you can give me would be much appreciated!!

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Delila!! Delightful !! ( We had thought seriously about naming Sofia that!!)
Bless her heart, she knows she was rescued and is probably so grateful. Already owning one Doberkid, you know how intuitive they are.
The only suggestion I can come up with is just to love her and watch the love returned ten fold.
Delila and Diablo.. what a pair.. I love it!

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hello and welcome to you, Diablo and Delila :)

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Congratulations on you Doberkids. I do hope you have had Delila spayed, otherwise, Diablo may get to her, and if they are outside, she will attract males from all over and fight Diablo. I have two, Red and Princess. Red is neutered but Princess has not yet been spayed. I am seriously considering it though, even though the back yard is fenced and they spend most of their time in the house.

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Delila and Diablo, great names.

I agree that "fixing" both dogs would be a good move. Since they aren't registered breeding them would seem to serve little purpose. Once fixed you wouldn't have to deal with all the issues of an intact dog. We finally decided to have Freyja spayed because we didn't want to deal with her going into heat.

The biggest advice I can add is to spend some time training them. Dobies are smart and need to put their intelligence to good use. And just as important it can save them, and you, from harm. Just yesterday a friend and I were using a slingshot and fishing reel to shoot an antenna into a tree. Freyja was in the field with us and somehow got tangled in the fishing line. When my friend saw she was tangled I told her "down" and she promptly assumed the position.  We untangled her without further incident. Without basic training she could have been cut by the finshing line and have damaged the slingshot/reel.  I can give many examples of how basic training has had real life benefits for Freyja and myself.  And best of all it builds a special bond between you and your dogs.

Peace and 73