Male Dobermans and other dog breeds

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My husband and I are considering adopting a 2 year old male rescue Dobe.  I have a lot of dog experience, and have read a lot about Dobes, mostly in books, but online I have seen a lot of breeders discussing the innate aggression of male Dobes to each other, intact or fixed.  The particular dog, according to the rescue director, has an excellent temperament, is neutered, well-trained, and was abandoned suddenly by the previous owner who took a job out of town.  We currently have a well-socialized, dominant (but not aggressive) female greyhound - her reaction to this dog will determine, to some degree, whether we adopt him or not.

My question is: how do male Dobes do with other dog breeds?  Does it change with age?  For example, if he accepts my grey as "alpha," will he continue to do so, or will we be dealing with a fight down the road?  Am I going to be perpetually worried at family gatherings that a male Dobe will attack my sister's (submissive) Golden retrievers or my aunt's Pomeranian?

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A well bred Doberman should not have aggression problems toward other animals. With a rescue Doberman, though, you can't really know his history.

Our male is whole and he gets along fine with everything we've exposed him too, many rescue animals, our cats and chihuahuas, kittens he's found in the back yard, the neighborhood birds.... He is of top breeding though and has been well trained and socialized since he could walk in a straight line.

We had trouble with a male rescue Doberman once, he was abused and I didn't take as much time as I should have training him. He wouldn't attack anyone, but during play he would escalate into hurting the other dog. After fixing him he settled down - this was all during his puberty.

More than likely, your Greyhound, being older and established, will be the dominate dog. If anything, the Doberman might cause her to correct him by trying to breed. I would be surprised if there was any actual aggression though. However, Dobermans do play very rough. They like to box and wrestle.

A two-year-old male Doberman is pretty goofy and will want to play all the time so one thing to keep an eye on is that he's not being to rough with the Greyhound. She'll probably take care of it though with a good shard mommy-bark.

If you do proper training and assert your proper role as the boss, he should take his role as the subordinate to your female. It's hard to say how he'll react to new dogs though, outside of the home. This will depend on how well he was socialized.