I Received an Early Christmas Present.A new Doberman Puppy!!

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Hi, I'm new here and have a question for all of you Dobi lovers!! :) I have had DeJa for a bit over a week. She is 9 weeks old. Very well behaved except for she doesn't want to be outside without me or my husband in-site. I have to go out with her to go to the bathroom, if I put her out {Very Secured Fencing} by herself she freaks even if I put her out with my other dog.also same with trying to crate train her you would of thought the world has came to a end and she doesn't give it up either all night long barking and crying....
I have had Dobermans before but I have never had this problem..Any suggestions will be helpful..Thank you

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Im quite new here too.  I have a male dobermann called Ronnie and he is 8 and half weeks.  We got him at 7 weeks and went through exactly the same thing as you by the sounds of it.

The first couple of nights Ronnie howled every hour and we got little or no sleep, luckily my kids slept through it....  Don't go to her not matter how much noise she makes, we didn't although we felt terrible for leaving him.  I got given the same advice on here when I asked.  After a few nights the howling reduced and it is now non-existent.  He can sometimes make a little whining noise when he is first crated at night but not every time and if he does, by the time we have got into bed he has given up.  He also sometimes howls/whines on a morning but that doesn't bother me one bit because its always the same time every morning and has become our wake-up call. :)

As for the freaking out when outside.  We had a slightly different problem, Ronnie wouldn't even go outside with anyone!  He would refuse to go out and after he was lifted outside he would scramble back in and if we stopped him he would sit at the door and whine.  This also passed after a couple of days.  I didn't give in and took him out as usual and made him stay out a few minutes before going back in.  I personally wouldn't let her out on her own just yet anyway but that might be me being a little over protective.  I also need to make sure my Ronnie has done his business so cant really leave him anyway.  Perhaps you could try going out with her and then leaving her outside while she's playing and not noticed you leaving, but dont close the door, then she knows she can choose whether to stay out or go in.  Also leaving the door open a lot, so she has the choice.  Im sure she will do it eventually, i think at this age they are still building their confidence and once they have it there is no looking back.  You said about your other dog, im sure that will help having them around, at least she has someone to learn from.

Let me know how you get on.  We will probably be going through similar experiences as they grow.

Kim x

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Brenleigh, welcome to the forums. Congratulations on your bundle of joy. There is absolutely nothing like a new Dobie puppy. Ronnie has added a goodly number of tips and I would reinforce the one about not leaving the puppy alone outside. The puppy will be bonding to you during this time and your presence will be her security blanket.

If you will look at the world from DeJa's point of view, all of her known areas have been turned upside down. Her family has disappeared one by one until she was removed from the security and loving home she had known all of her life (all 8 weeks of it). Now there is this big scary place that human's call outside.

Make it a game. Do not admonish her, and do not baby her in her insecurity. If you do the latter, you are reinforcing her fears, but at the same time you do not want to admonish her for something that is natural. Distract her. Call her to you. Play a game with her. When she goes potty outside - make a big deal out of it, even to the point of small jumps of joy. Do not worry about being silly.

Being silly is a 6' 250lb full grown male human saying "Good Girl" in a high voice over and over to a 9 week old Dobie Puppy name Princess when she went outside at home for the first time. Of course it was just her and I at the time as I had not rescued the others from jail yet (still boarded at the vet's) as we had just gotten in from my picking her up.

A little cuddling on the lap in the evenings will also reinforce the fact that you are there for her. Don't worry, when she is 80 to 90 pounds, she probably won't want to be a lap puppy any more than you want her to be at that stage. Neither of my two current Dobies (Red - 6 years and Princess - 1 year) have any interest in being in may lap now. But when they were both very young puppies they delighted in sleeping in my lap.