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My 4 1/2 month old pup is overall a great dog, but she has some behavior issues I want to fix before she gets much bigger. Please help if you can

1.) She gets so excited when she sees anyone.  She wants to jump on them and nip at them.  We have been having her sit when people come over, but when they go to pet her, she tries to play bite them.  She just wont sit there like a good girl and let people pet her.  How do I stop the jumping and how do I stop her from play biting?

2.) She pulls while walking.  We have tried a harness and a prong collar.  She still pulls.  We have tried having treats in our hand and have her right by our sides as we walk, but she then tries to jump for the treats! She seems out of control! Help!?

3.) Are dobies at this age this hyper?  She is relaxed and calm during the day, she sleeps a lot and plays nice and goes for walks all throughout the day, but as soon as 5pm hits, she is crazy...she runs around in circles, goes for walks but pulls like crazy, she wants to jump on any people or dogs she sees...How do I make her settle down at night?

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3. Yeah, Doberman puppies are terrible. It's the price we pay for the wonderful dogs they become. I imagine something happens around 5 that gets her exited, like people coming home or her usual walk time is coming up. The best thing to do with a lively puppy is to use that energy to train her some good behaviors. Be careful at this age though. Some people are tempted to exercise them physically until they are tired. But that's not healthy for such a young puppy.

2. The key for teaching a dog to walk on a lead is the technique you use - and there are a number of techniques. If you're using a prong collar you need to keep it slack, and pull it tight in a quick 'snap' when she pulls along with a verbal 'no'. I wouldn't use a prong collar on a puppy this age though. Until she's six months at least I's stick to the regular collar. When she pulls just stop - then give her the 'heel' command (sitting behind your heel).

1. She could be jumping up for two reasons. Puppies jump up because naturally they greet superior pack members by licking their mouth. She's just trying to be a submissive good member. Of course that's not acceptable behavior in a human pack so you have to train a new greeting behavior - and you're working on that it sounds like. So - one - she may just need more reinforcement to unlean and relearn. Or - two - someone is reciprocating her greeting. In other words, someone isn't turning away and instantly ignoring her when she jumps up. That should be one of the big rules in the house: Don't pet the puppy unless her little butt is folded up in a nice patient sit. You can crouch down and let her give kisses - but as soon as she unfolds you stand up and turn away. She'll learn quick enough.

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2)...i have had incredible results with the gentle leader....they fight it for a long time...trying to get it off....but it is a great control tool....