Help! Need some positive support.

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Mason is about 9 months old now. Ive posted some about him before. Things have really deteriorated at home and Im just really frustrated and feel guilty even though I know I shouldnt. I am doing the best I can at this point.

When we bought him we were all living together, a happy family. Since then I have become a single mother of a 3 year old trying to make it on my own. Im insanely overwhelmed, working full time, taking care of my daughter, 2 dogs and 15 chickens. My husky is fine, she's so good in the house I dont have to worry about her. Mason, I cant keep him in the dog crate for so long, I feel bad. My neighbor let me borrow their 10x10 kennel which i attached to my shed so the dogs can go in and out of there. It just sucks for him.

I absoloutely dont want to give up on him and find him a new home, Im going to fence my yard in with tax money so they can run outside. Im hoping he will chill out some. He is a wild man. Never once heard him growl, he's very passive but he's just like a tornado when he comes in the house.

Anyone have anything positive to say that might give me hope that this will get better? If i could just have him calm down some.

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They're pretty crazy at 9-months. So you don't have your yard currently fenced in? That could be the problem right there. Puppies that age, when I let them outside they run around the yard like the dog chaser is after them.

I would bet real money what he's needing is more exercise. A fenced yard and a buddy will take care of that. And as long as you have Mason out when you are home, and unless you're gone more than 8 hours, don't feel guilty about leaving him in the kennel. This is natural really. The puppies stay safe in the den sleeping while the pack is out hunting.

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My wife is a stay at home mom of two who also works from home. Our Dobe is 11 months old and we also have a really laid back 10 year old Boxer. We have had a lot of the same. Our back yard is not very big at all and its pretty cold here right now anyway, so on days that wy wife cant let our boy run, he is just nuts with extra energy. On the bright side it does get a little better with age and if you can get your fence up it will make world of difference.Hang in there and you'll be glad you did. Deep breaths.

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We all must do what we can. You have borrowed the 10x10 enclosure, which is a start. Take some time and go the the local home improvement store, Lowe's or Home-Depot will have what I'm about to explain.

What you are looking for are metal fence posts that you drive into the ground. If you use the side of your building as one side, you can construct a 10x20 enclosure with 9 metal fence posts, 4 down each side and one in the middle of the end. Then buy a roll of what in the industry is some times called "Hog Wire". It is a farm style fence, usually 48" tall with square openings 2" wide and 4" tall. It makes for a good temporary fence. I found the wire on-line at HD, but only a 100' roll for $67 and no posts. Lowe's has 50' rolls of the wire for $32 to $38 a roll, and the posts are $5.69 each. It works out to about $100 or $2 a foot.

Another thing you might consider is the running wire chain. If you have a way to string a wire about 6-7' off the ground, and then use one of the wire leads that slides on the wire. THIS IS FOR EXERCISE ONLY, DO NOT LEAVE A DOG ON A CHAIN OR TIED WITHOUT SUPERVISON. Forty years ago I lost a dog by leaving him tied while I was gone during the day. He was a loveable mixed breed and I have never tied or chained a dog since. This was a hard point chain, not the sliding type as I didn't see them until about 20 years later.

If your neighbors have fences, then there is the possibility that you can just use the wire fence to close the gaps. This wire is not exceeding strong, so I would still not leave a Dobe outside while I was gone. They can be very ingenious. I used a similar fence to close the gap of my back yard temporarily 20 years ago when I lived in Virginia (S. Georgia now), and my two Dobies discovered they could push out on the bottom and get out. (But they couldn't get back in). (I had the fence posts on the inside instead of the outside).

For the last 10 years while I was working (retired now), my dogs have all slept in their crates, and were in them during the day when I was gone. They still are, I'm just home more now during the day.

Mason should settle down when he is about 2 years old. Keep us appraised of the situation and remember, the most important thing for his is not the running space, it is the love you give him. In a year or so, your daughter will have a great companion.