Having trouble posting pics.

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I dont know hwy I keep getting error messages when trying to post pictures on here. first it tells me it is too big then I resize it to proper size and then it tells me that it cannot find the upload path?  is it just me or does this happen to everyone?

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There's a thread on the "General" board (1st page, almost at the end) by rgreen4 headed "How to Post Pictures & other images" last post May 30th by Q-tip.  This is how I post all my pictures of Brinks.  I can't wait to see some pics of Snoopy!!

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Several months back I posted instructions on how to post pictures on this website. Unfortunately unlike some forums, you cannot directly upload images and post them here.

You must open a Photobucket account or a similar photo hosting website account and then link that photo to this website. Here is the link to the post: [url=http://www.gentledoberman.com/forum]http://www.gentledoberman.com/forum]

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Thanks needed some help with uploading!

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What problem are you having cf33? Here is a tutorial on posting images: http://www.gentledoberman.com/tutorial/add-image-post

Since the update to the website, you can now upload them directly to the site.