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ok got the pics loaded here we go:

This is the seatbelt the front it to right the big loop is where the seat belt loops thru, the T handle are buckles that fasten to the long leads to the left, the big kidney bean shaped piece is the one that goes under his chin and the skinny section goes under his chest and the round wide section is on his belly and the leads come up and around his sides and snap into the T handle; all those weird straps to the right go over his head.

You can see how it goes over his head, is he not the happiest boy going for a ride hahaha

The name is Solv-It

a closer pic of what goes over his head

hard to see but the snaps are about to be snapped shut on his back

here he is facing away from me showing the loop that you would insert the actua car's seatbelt through it's got a heavy duty clip on it too. Once you get the car seatbelt through this loop here is what I do:

He's facing me now, he wouldn't get still, sorry, anyway you can see the car loop to the right, but there are hooks all over this thing one in the center, a huge one in the center, this smaller one and one on each side so you have tons of places to attach leashes to give extra safety; so I take two leashes and hook them where you see this one at and those are the ones that I would fasten to each of the front car seats for added safety, especially if you think she would jump out that way she is fastened in the back with the car seatbelt loop and these two leashes would keep her from moving too far back to launch herself out.

Ben has a very short leash it might be 12 inches long and is wide and heavy duty if you had two of those leashes snapped to this middle ring on the harness you could take the front seat belt for each seat and run it thru the handle of the leashes and that way she would have to sit still.

Hope this helps.......I think I got this at amazon


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Love it.. Thanks for sharing.. There are some states that have made it a law to have your dogs safe while riding.. I think it's a great idea!!

Ben looks amazing.. his coat is so shiny and healthy looking.. Sofia just winked at him.. tsk tsk.. such a flirt!!

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"Hi Bennie" what a handsome model

woofs from B

She gets a leash wrapped around the headrest and clipped to collar. We have a harness but she got really tangles up. She is learning to be less active in the car. Oh how we would love a convertible!

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Thanks!  Good explanation - Ben sure does have a nice, thick coat.  I'll check it out on Amazon.  One more question: what size did you get?  Is it pretty easy to figure on the website?

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I got Ben an XLarge and I should have gotten him a Large I did go by the size on the chart but it was too big......you'll notice it says up to 120lbs and Ben is 125lbs so I figured I needed the maximum fit but it was too big - here are the specs on it and it's only $23 now

  • Heavy-duty straps attach to a fully-padded, Made from special strength-rated material with a breathable mesh safety vest safety vest
  • FULL METAL connectors are used at all load-bearing points
  • Fits pets 60-120 lbs
  • Integrates with vehicle's seat belt tensioning device to provide range of motion while traveling, but locks during sudden stops
  • Use of a vehicle safety harness improves safety by reducing potential distractions for the driver