Yeast Allergies? >.<

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Darn, I was really really hoping we wouldn't run into this problem. I recently switched Annie onto Kirkland Signature Adult Dog Food (Lamb). So far, she loves it. Her coats is nice, soft, and shiny, and she is remaining at a healthy weight. But I have two problems. She has begun chewing and pulling her nails, and licking her paws furiously. I've read that this could mean she has some sort of infection, yeast allergies, or is bored. Now, it could be boredom, as she does it when the family is lying around reading, Bible study, and at night, commonly. I normally give her bones and rawhide to chew on during these times, but I ran out and have been needing to get some more. However, since it pretty much started when I changed her food, I think it is more possible that the yeast in the food is affecting her. Does it sound like that to you? Should I switch her to a grain free food, so the allergy does not become worse? I'd like to go with the Costco Nature's Domain grain-free stuff, but it has so much potato. 

Another thing....her stools are no longer solid. This is probably a bad sign, right? Grrrrr. Maybe I should talk to my vet about it all. I just wish I didn't have to change her food again. 

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It sure sounds like a food allergy, but go to the vet and be sure.  He may give her a cortisone injection to give her a little relief while you figure it out.  Don't forget about a spoonful of regular plain pumpkin in her food for the soft stools.  It works well.  Good luck!

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Boomer was on the Kirkland food at first, and he was loose.  The vet told us to go grain free, limited ingredient, so we're on Nature's Balance limited ingredient diet fish and sweet potato.  We had also tried the duck and potato of the same brand b/c the store did not have the fish kind, but it seemed duck and potato made him loose again.  I'm not in love with the food.  It's really expensive, and I don't think Boomer's coat looks as nice.  Also, it has not completly stopped the looseness.  But we're sticking with it for now.  It has helped with gas.  Boomer also has a licking problem.  Not sure what that's about.  He had it when we first adopted him in July.  He stopped for awhile, but he has started again.  We're in the midst of trying to figure that one out with the vet.  It's always something!