We hate Wednesdays

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I didn't think dogs looked at calendars or watches.. But every Wednesday the Diva wakes up with an attitude.

You see Mike works at the University in town and starts classes at 10:00 and doesn't finish till 8:00 PM. She seems to know when the 'marathon' day has started. will not eat her breakfast, glares at Mike and is well.. pretty miffed at me as well ( it's like she thinks I send him away for the day)

Its 9:00 am. Dad just left, so far she's refused to go out.. her breakfast is still sitting in the same place and she's doing her 'cocktail shrimp' routine. I'm ignoring her, but I hear '"Huummph" and  big sighs..

I'll haul her out for a walk in a bit.. get her mind off her broken heart and try to remind her that it's just Wednesday, and he'll be home soon..

Wonder what 'soon' is to a dog?

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Aww, Sofia knows!  Dont know whether Z knows if it's Wednesday or not, but she sure knows when it's 12 noon and 4 pm here.  I live very close to where I work, and it only takes me 5 minutes to get home on my lunch hour or when I get off work in the afternoon...and always, I walk in the door with her wiggling her nub so fast.  My wife says that she starts looking out the window waiting for me to come in about 5 minutes before I get here. 

These dogs are SO smart.

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Poor Sophia; I think it is best to ignore her snits - it's not like every day can be a carnival! Ginger know when it's Monday and back-to-work for me and my husband.  She is all flat and very sad on Monday mornings.  She knows just as well when Saturday comes. I sit on the porch with my coffee and paper and she and Lexy run happily around the yard.  Ginger will come in to make sure I'm still there, but then goes right back out again to sniff, roll and check for squirrels. In the afternoon, we take a nice long nap together.

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That's funny and I bet she does know.  Not the day but the routine is the same on wed and that's different from other days so she knows. 

Rocky really doesn't seem any different any day of the week.  I travel occasiionally for work and he does just fine even when I'm gone for a week.  The only time he really gets all velcro on us is when he sees us packing up the truck for the MX track on the weekends.  He won't leave your side and if you happen to leave the truck door open and he gets in the back seat there is NO getting him out.  He sits there and just refuses to leave the truck. 


But he has never seems sad or anything if one of us isn't home.  well I should say if I'm not home, Tye is always there.