Two Dogs Need New Home in Central Illinois

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My neighbor is moving and has to get rid of her dog and her son's dog; the son moved and left him behind.

Boss, is a 6 year-old full-blooded Chocolate Lab, he's been neutered, weighs in at 90 lbs., he hasn't gotten a lot of exercise lately, so he's put on a few pounds.  He is a beautiful boy, and very friendly and loveable.  Walks well on a leash.  Idk about any training right now, but he is potty trained.  Her son rescued him the day he was going to be euthanized at the local shelter, he has lots of energy and LOVES to run!!

Bailey, is a 5 year-old Yellow Lab/Chow mix.  She is a little timid around new people, but is more mellow than Boss, loves to cuddle.  She isn't aggressive, but sounds like she is.

They don't have to be re-homed together, both are current are their shots, vet says they are healthy.  Boss had hookworm when they first got him, but she said he was treated, and that was 2 years ago.

I know that this site is more for Dobermans, but I am hoping that someone out there may know of someone who would be a good Forever Home for Boss and/or Bailey.  My neighbor doesn't want to put them in the shelter we have here, because they would be put down in 7 days if not adopted.

Please contact me if anyone is interested, or wants any more info, I'll tell ya as much as I can.  I'm gonna try and get some pics tomorrow of them and put them on this post.

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Oh poor dogs, I do hope that someone that will love them forever and keep them will come forward and take them in. So sad.....