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Well well well, as if things couldn't get any worse for my family......I learned that all this joking about my short term memory loss being due to age (I'm not that old yet) or my surgery back in 2001, but nope it appears that it is from living my teen years downstream from a company that was pouring barrels and barrels of TCE into the creek that I played in and we were on well water and it most likely seeped into the well water and we drank it - it causes short term memory loss and cancers of all sorts, including really really odd cancers not found from "natural" type causes the cancers are purely man made, my brother now has kidney cancer and the doc did mention that it was a strange cancer to have in the kidneys......the TCE is air borne, and gets distributed by water so not only were we downstream with the water but we were also down wind - the big kicker here is talk about a small world - my husband's aunt was the one that was ordered to dump the barrels of TCE into the creek behind the plant that was the creek we played in!!!! I was talking to my mother in law one day recent and she said "well you know that Minnie was the one that had to pour those barrels out into the creek" I said "NO" she said "oh yeah she had to or she would get fired" minnie was her sister. I started mentioning that to my husband and he said "oh I wonder if that's why aunt min's hands were blue every time she came home from work" - turns out the stabilzer in TCE is blue!!! and they have determined that workers typically got what appeared to be parkinson's but could not be determined to be parkinson's instead it was a neurological disorder that would worsen and eventually cause death. Well Aunt Min died of that same thing she literally shook herself to death worsening every year.....she died young barely 62......I have now become active in the local protest group that wants the EPA to force the plant to clean up the mess, so many of my friends that rode my school bus have died of all sorts of cancers and illnesses.....and TCE is considered to be 100% pure at 1,000,000 and the amount that has been tested under the building is at 830,000 so it is almost PURE TCE!!! totally unheard of.....they say that erin brockivich is watching closely to see if the EPA will take a far a mile in circumference has contaminated wells and there is NO way to stop the "plume" from spreading and it's going uphill via fractures and fissures in the rockbed under homes and contaminating their wells, I spoke at the meeting and said it sounded like fracking with TCE and the attorney agreed.....that's why fracking is so deadly the chemicals they pump into the earth to get natural gas will find fissures/fractures which is the purpose but those same fissures/fractures can lead to resevoirs for our drinking water!!! be sure to say no to fracking cause obviously if this chemical can do this to all of us those unknown chemicals used for fracking can cause this and worse.

I am so brother says that he ate fish out of the pond that we played around that was fed by that same creek explaining why he has kidney cancer he ingested it and the kidneys concentrated the TCE and boom cancer.....

Amazing that all these years later it turns out I am married to the nephew of the woman in charge of poisoning us as children!!! RIP Minnie!!! she suffered horribly.....

So to all my forum friends if I ask the same question or don't remember something it's not a joke anymore it really is something that is happening  and I apologize if I sound like I am not paying attention or I didn't read something I really did I just can't remember it and it's scary to say the least.....

Can we say I am praying for a better year in 2014!!!!!

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Wow! that is horrible and I am so sorry you and your brother have to deal with these problems!! I feel so bad for your husbands aunt too! I coulnd't imagine having to do something like that just to keep my job!! I agree that the company that dumped the chemicals should have to clean up the mess! I also think they should have to pay for the medical costs of the people it affected, and pay the families of the people who have died because of it due to pain, suffering, and loss! They should be held completely accountable for anything that has happened due to them dumping chemicals!!!

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So Sorry to hear this Tal, if I were you I would do a very concentrated natural detox, at least. You never know how healthy you really are until you get a big scare. Both of us kinda hate to go to the docs, but there are usually good enough reasons to go even if you had a healthy upbringing.

live and enjoy EVERY DAY that you have

yes fracking is very BAD

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That is incredible, I'm lost for words. It must be hard not to become so angry about this.

I hope your health improves and I hope those responsible accept accountability.

out of interest, can you geotag the location in google and post a link?