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Hey guys,

Let me see where to start

we have been trying to deal with our mom's we are still trying to figure out whether to move, build, or stay put. If we stay we have to build us a master suite, if we move we need to have at least enough acreage without restrictions so that we can add a home for danny's mom, we can't seem to find a place with enough acreage, big enough home, nice enough home with at least a 4-6 car garage we currently have a 6 car

We have added a room off our kitchen and in the process my husband broke his hand and had to have pins put in it required major surgery and 6 months therapy and recovery so we just got done with a 3 month project a year and a half later and $25,000 later. I told him it would have been cheaper to have paid a contractor to build it rather than pay the doctors for his surgery he didn't think that was funny but I did :))

His mom is suffering from something I don't know if it's just out right fear or if she has something like beginning senility or alzheimers she won't be honest with us but swears she cannot be alone. My mom won't take care of her own home so we are in the midst of trying to clean up her place and it's hard on me with crutches to take care of two homes and my critters and then add 2 moms so it's been difficult to say the least.

my friend that used to have the 4 rottweilers, she has since lost two and adopted one that she lost to a brain issue, and was about to foster another one that has the same type of tumor issue Sampson had and the day after the dog arrived she found out that she herself has lung cancer and it's wrapped around her aorta and is inoperable. She said she would do the chemo and radiation to buy her some time.

That news has me extremely upset, from the time I met her more than 5 years ago she has had lung infections every 3 months or so and I knew then that the docs were missing something I never heard of so many infections etc. without a cure.....they missed it and now it's around her heart and she will most likely die shortly. I am devastated. She is so devoted to the rottweiler breed and such a good person my heart just can't take anymore sadness......

Then my brother got himself a border collie against my advice and although he worked with the dog and played and exercised the dog daily the dog turned into a violent dog, I suggested he get a full workup to see if it was a spinal injury from playing so much frisbee. They played frisbee for several hours a day. But instead my brother wanted to rehome the dog, my brother and I do NOT have a good relationship but when it comes to animals he will always call me into the picture. So he called me and asked me what to do I put the word out on facebook and had several rescues interested in the dog, but the dog continued to be unpredictable so I insisted he get the dog to the vet so he finally said he would go. Turns out that he took the dog in and had him euthanized. The dog was 10 months old!!!! I just know it was an injury that could have been handled but he didn't have the funds for a full workup so I had to let all the people I worked so hard to get this dog a home with that the dog was dead. I was furious. And to top it all off, 2 weeks later he informs my mom he has another dog, another border collie!!!! 15 months old. I want to drive over there and stomp his ass into the ground, there is no way that my brother and I can be related when it comes to decision making or animals.

I hope he never speaks to me about this current dog, we only speak once or twice a year anyway, but this makes me so angry, I don't know what I will do or say when I have to see him. My mom was upset that I was angry with him and I tried to explain that working in rescue I have to deal with people like my brother every day and it pisses me off, he would NEVER be cleared to adopt if I were on the approval committee. If you can't get a vet to exam the first dog for an injury you don't kill that dog and then another one, he should have gotten an aquarium and been done with dogs. I cannot believe he did this. I fought for the first dog and even went out to the vet myself to ask her what happened that the dog was euthanized, I wanted the truth from somebody. So if I was ever going to speak civil to my brother he just ended that with this dog situation. I will not speak to him without saying my peace on Napoleon the border collie. Seems that this new dog belongs to his step daughter and her husband decided he wanted a beagle instead and the dog had to go so my brother said he would take the dog. I cannot believe we are related I just can't.......

So between the emotional trauma of my rottie friend with cancer and my brother's stupidity, my mom and my husband's mom, my husband breaking his hand, and all my critters issues, house and land hunting, I just have not had the wits to jump back into the forum and read and post. I am usually so tired that I just want to play a few online games and go to bed.

I miss you guys and hope to be able to pop in frequently, I have had computer issues to and this new computer is driving me crazy with the sensitive touchpad and keyboard typing is a nightmare on this thing.

Well that's my life story in a post, hope everyone is well and the dober dogs are great please know that you are my extended family and I might not be in here but you are not far from my heart every day!!!!


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Tali, so sorry to hear that you are struggling.  Dealing with aging parents is one of the hardest things on our hearts, I will be praying that the solutions will be made evident. You are an amazing, strong and kind woman. 

And I'm sad to hear about your friend.  Sometimes life is just hard and doesn't make sense.  She's lucky to have a friend like you.



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talisin i'm so sorry to hear of your friend and send prayers her way ! as for your brother you can't fix stupid even though you want to for the dogs . wish you and your family the best of luck there is a house and land out there for you and will be found soon . stay strong and positive !!!!

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Hi Tal, 


It's hard that you have so many rough times and sadness, I wish we could cheer you up.

 Sending lots of good vibes.

 I hear ya on the hand injury, they are bad. My badly broken right ring finger with the tendon injury also will always be an issue, as in never regaining the looks or strength it had before accident, although the 2nd surgeon -opinion- said I should be very happy. It just looks bad and weakens my whole hand. 


 PB an' me,


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Hi Tal, I am praying things will get a little easier for you, I've missed being here and posting so I hope to do so more often. Make sure you are taking care of yourself as well that is very important.


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thanks for the pep talk!!! It's not getting any easier but my coping skills are getting either tired and don't care or I'm learning to edit the stress hahahaha either way I am trying to not get all worked up over it.

My mom has yet to let us come back to finish the work at her house and winter is around the corner so not sure when she expects danny's mom to be able to move in at all at this rate.

We are about to throw in the towel on the property we have one last shot at a piece that is right here around the corner we can walk to it by crossing the street and going down a little driveway - who knew - now to talk to the woman that owns it and see if she would be interested in selling it to us, that way we could actually put danny's mom in our house that we live in right now and that way we would not have to see our house mistreated by a stranger we have so much love and sweat/tears in the remodeling that it would be heart breaking to see someone mistreat it. And by the time she passed maybe we would have made the emotional break from the house and not be so traumatized by strangers in it.

That's about it around here halloween's acoming yayayayaya hope to do something scary again this year......