Stubborn as a DoberMule!

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Today is the long awaited charity golf tournament.. Mike and I are filming on several holes and it's a full day and long evening event!

Sofia KNOWS we have to be at the production/breakfast meeting at 7:30 and she also KNOWS we won't be in the house all day. ( I have arranged for my pet sitter to take her for her walks and make sure she gets her lunch and dinner...)

She only sniffed at breakfast... but absolutely REFUSES to go out to go potty... She's glaring at us from the sofa with her legs crossed...

How does she know??

If possible bring her with you . Sit and stay should be down pat by now . Dobes love Road Trips .

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She's a DoberDIVA, she knows everything!  As far as she knows, she's the only thing in the house that matters!