Strange Day

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STRANG DAY yesterday.. M ike woke up, looked at his biopsy site and saw that it was red and swollen.. so he said. " I think I need to have this looked at." He got to the E.R. and they said." I think we need to look at this."

Meanwhile I hear a KKKkkrrrra.. tinckle tinckle ( try to spell tinckle twice.. it starts looking really funny) where was I ? Oh yeah.. tinkle tinkle.. " I think I need to go look at this." says I. " Dont' go out there says Sofia.. there's golf balls and golf carts and glass.. oh my.."

I should say so.. My big patio table was in a gazillion pieces.. all the glass was now shining like diamonds covering the entire patio. Up drives a foursome of tourists from Mexicali. " I think you need to look at this" me says.. " Oh oh. That's when the fun began. The man wanted me to send the estimate to his office.. I don't think so.. I told him I had my 'glass man on speed dial' ( true) and the estimate is $100.00. " I don't have that kind of cash with me." " No problem, I'll call the pro shop, give them your cart number and they can add it to your green fees." Out of nowhere a hundred dollar bill emerges from his wallet. " I think I need to look at this" I say ( now not in a million trillion years would I know a real c-note from counterfeit. Don't see a whole buncha lot of em.') Sofia is baying sweet nothings into the golfers ears from the safety of the house..( good girl) Which was a nice noisy reminder not to mess with the lady of the house.

I pocket the cash, the foursome drives off to terrorize yet another window and I proceed to clean up the mess.. There’s not enough brooms in the world to pick this stuff up.

Out comes the shop vac. I  merrily begin to suction up the diamonds.. when I hear Sofia baying in a different tone. Oh joy! Company.

I pin my hair back and go to the door.. it’s my neighbors.. “ Are you okay? Mike called us from the hospital and is worried about you. You’re not answering your phone.

Seems they gave my guy some happy juice in his IV’s and everyone knows how we all get the ‘chats’ with happy juice. Sorry I will surgically staple the phone to my ear.

All is well in the household today. My guy is home, my dog is happy that the golfers are gone.. but my diamonds are gone.. Wait.. I think I hear another foursome .

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than is a wierd day.. Glad Mike is home and ok.. and Sophia watching out for mommy.. you need bullet proof glass on that window lol..

hugs, Bet

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Glad all is well, funny how the money shows when you have a really good "threat" in your pocket. I remember when my husband was on some good drugs and I was at night school and he called me during class and wanted to know what time it was and I said 8:00 and he screamed "oh no, I'm late for work I have to go!!!" and I had to yell back "no no it's not 8am it's 8pm you are not late for work" everyone in class was laughing so hard and then he said "I'm hungry, where are you??" it was soooooo funny, good drugs can make for some great entertainment. Tell Sofia Ben thinks she is one tough girl and he LOVES her, :)) she's on duty and he thinks that's really sexy.....hahahahah