Some Original Poetry (KATIE!!!)

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Hey guys. I've written some doggie-themed poems and was hoping for some criticism (Katie! I need your eyes!!)


This first one is a sort of "F-U BSL!" kinda thing. X3


You say I am a monster, 
a beast of anger and hate.
You say my friends and family,
are bound for a nasty fate.

You think you know it all, 
every odd and every end.
You listen to the reports, 
still, for you my back would bend.

You look at me and see a monster, 
you pull your children away.
You fear my very existence,
but for you, tonight I'll pray.

You don't see the love,
the kisses and the cuddles.
You don't know the pain,
the losses and the struggles. 

You refuse to learn,
refuse to use your eyes.
You paint your pretty pictures, 
and create more crazy lies.

You believe I want to do this, 
to break and maim my own. 
You believe I don't deserve,
a warm and caring home.

You can only see the television,
the outcome of the evils.
You don't see the real monsters,
the treadmills, chains or needles.

You blind yourself to the cruelty,
ignorance is bliss. 
Yet you throw around the blame,
you're real quick to dismiss.

I know it's not your fault, 
I know it's hard to swallow.
I know you've got lots on your mind,
The apologies aren't hollow.

Please use your time, 
just take a minute. 
Think it through, 
I'm not the gun, but the bullet.


The second was inspired by my own Skyler. I started writing it when I visited my parents and my baby. :)


I am your guardian,
here beside your bed. 
So go ahead friend, 
rest your weary head. 

Call me when you're scared, 
curl up close and warm. 
'Cause when the beasties come,
I'll be here to inform. 

I am your friend,
here, beside your bed. 
Go on my child, 
sleep away the dread. 

Call me when you're sad, 
my ears are always open.
Your words, my human bff, 
are the most important ever spoken. 

I am your servant,
here beside your bed. 
Feel free master, 
to pat my big strong head. 

My name is perseverance,
strength and love unbound.
Around your little finger, 
my life is tightly wound. 

I will be here for you,
forever and past the end. 
Until my unavoidable last breath,
your life I will defend. 

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Oh Sweetie.. this is wonderful just as is.. It's written from your heart..that great big warm and wonderful heart we've all come to know and love.

Brava darling.....Brava!!

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Awww, thanks Katie! I'm glad you like them! I don't know if they're any good, though. XD

I'm not the best at writing and I was hoping for some pointers. X3

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I love these!!! so true so true

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It has been so long since I visited but good to see some familar people! I love these poems and particularly the first one since my beautiful Loki is Lab/Pitbull. Would you mind if i posted it in my doggie group of course with your name! I belong to a facebook group I Love Labrabulls and Pitadors, I now am an admin there and it is a wonderful group as is here! I miss you guys and will update you on my world in the off topic chat later.


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Thanks Tal! I'm glad you like them!


Of course you can, Cyn! My name is Joelle Sullivan (for artist name purposes. XD)

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Thank you, missed being here I have to visit more often and post some picks soon, I got a new puppy!


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Wow, good job you are doing, keep writting you are do success. 

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awesome poems ! i love them both but mostly the second one as they [dogs ] are or protectors keep up the good wrighting.

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Cyn... where can we find your group on FB? Is it an open or closed group..?

Sofia has her own page under Sofia Doberdiva...and she'd love to see you..

Me too... Katie O'Brian-Robles.. friend me...

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I Love Labrabulls & Pitadors, we are a group of over 3500 now and we invite all! I am CDionysus Elione on FB 


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Those are wonderful poams! So true they are, what people think of the powerful breeds. It's so sad they have spread horrid reputations of some breeds, which are lies! Sure all dogs can be aggressive, but only if they are made that way, they are never born that way though. I just wish humans would have an open mind and understand.