Shootings, Bears, etc. in my neighborhood

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Well I have been absent for awhile and this week I have not had time because my neighbor and friend, her husband shot their two neighbors dead Monday.

There was an ongoing horrible feud instigated by the victims on this couple that were my friends. My friends have lived here for 61 years, well the wife has since her parents built the house she and her husband live in, the house next to them was recently sold (6 years ago) to a couple with an autistic child. Well my friend is a special ed teacher and wanted to help this couple so she took them groceries and stuff while they were moving in but when she could no longer afford to continue to do so the woman got mad at her, then that womans house went into foreclosure, so they decided to sell it but the economy had tanked totally and no one was buying, at the same time a tree needed to come down in my friends yard she didn't have money to have it hauled away, so the neighbor began harassing her and her family about the tree saying it was preventing their house from selling because it made the yard ugly. My friend apologized but couldn't do anything but cut the tree up herself which she did. Then the people moved out for a while and about 4 years ago moved backed in and that's when things went nuts. The couple began yelling and screaming all sorts of horrid things at my friend and her family things like "I hope you die" and threatening to sic their dog on them to kill them, blaring a radio into my friends home, watching EVERY move they made and stalking them in their own yard it got to where they would not work in their own yard except on days that they knew the harassers would be gone; and she got to where she wouldn't cook anymore cause the couple could see her in her own kitchen and would harass her from their home while she cooked. It was horrible. I watched my friends health plummet to near death from the stress. The people were paranoid as they boarded up their house and became recluses so they could harass my friend. The man was the only one that would leave the house. They had NO furniture in the house!! just weird.

I have called the police at least 50-75 times, I went to the police station twice to ask if there wasn't something we could do as I could hear all this transpiring from my own porch and couldn't stand it; they went to mediation to no avail, I asked my next door neighbor who is a criminal attorney if there was some law that we could encourage the police to enforce to stop this, I told them all that this was going to escalate and become a problem that would not end well. I could tell from the way that woman and her husband yelled and screamed all the time. The viciousness of their tone was scary. The police did tell them they couldn't threaten to kill them with their dog. But so what, they still stalked them all day long.

So of course after 4 years of battery 18 hours a day 7 days a week, my friends husband was walking the beagles home on Monday night and that woman accosted him as he took the dogs in and he flipped her off - setting her off totally and what happened at that moment only he knows it just ended with him shooting them. He shot each, the woman and her husband, once knocking them to the ground and then went over and shot each in the head numerous times. He totally snapped. And then he stood and waited for the police to come get him. He definitely had had enough and went insane. I just can't believe it. When we heard someone had been shot, we all knew it was my friends husband that must be dead, but it wasn't. So it was not expected that he would crack. They were so patient with this harassment, not getting involved but a few times in a verbal back n forth, instead they preferred to ignore the people. But it didn't stop them. So I guess if the police weren't going to do anything, mediation wasn't going to enforce anything it was his only resort, they had no money and couldn't move and since my friends parents built the house and she has lived here for 61 years it didn't make sense that she should be run out of her only home.

I feel horrible that it happened, but the neighborhood has breathed a sigh of relief that we no longer have to worry about our safety as that couple would accost anyone that they didn't like their looks etc. I stopped visiting my friend for fear that the woman would come after me for being friends with her enemy. People took their kids inside so they wouldn't hear the foul language and gestures.

So today I noticed people close to that house are now out in their yards, their hanging their wash on lines that have been unused for years and the people are more friendly it's been surreal.

I have been interviewed by the local news and I am in constant contact with attorneys for what I have heard and seen as are 6 other neighbors, we are all upset that we have to be involved but everyone was a part of this feud. I am furious with the police for doing absolutely NOTHING......

And to top it all off, the black bear showed up in our yard that night with all those people at our corner, and it was dark and my husband had just walked ben out to the group to say HI they all loved him :) but I suggested he take him back to the house, and there was the bear, a policeman ran towards my house and I started screaming not to shoot the bear, then it hit me that ben looks like a bear in the dark, so I started screaming don't you shoot my dog, he's a rottweiler and looks like a small bear, don't you shoot my dog, don't you shoot that bear, don't shoot my dog!!!! I knew with the adrenaline running for a double shooting and not being able to have a stand off to get the shooter since he was waiting for them patiently, they were all trigger happy and I know that police are trigger happy with dogs deemed aggressive breeds. Thank god Ben was already inside.

you would be hearing from me in jail had that officer shot Ben or the bear......especially Ben.....I would have leaped on him and beat him up for sure.....I finally told everyone to get off my yard and leave the bear alone!!! good lord what a week.......anyway thanks for letting me rant a bit.


Oh and Ben had his neck rupture open the next day, he had clumpy lumpy crud bust through and pour out, its still draining a bit, he has an appt. monday to make sure that his other cysts are not going to do the same thing. It just never ends does it....

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Oh My God

 Tal, what a horrible incident and story, I am so sorry for your neighborhood, that has had to endure such a negative environment and now such misfortune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sobbing for you. Sometimes a person just reaches the end of their rope//no matter the consequences. You know what they say, neighbors by accident, friends by choice. Gosh, just awful.

Don't know what to say except we will be thinking of you and praying for healing for all of you there in your locale, even the poor bear....

Bella and I send your family lots of love and strength to get through this, please let us know how Bennie is doing, he has probably picked up on the stress levels.

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Geez Tal.. What a nightmare.. I am so sorry you and your neighbors had to endure this for so long.

Am hoping Ben's neck will be okay and we'll get a good report from you on Monday.

Now that peace is back in the 'hood.. maybe the gentle energy will prevail and promote healing and well being


Katie and Sofia

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Wow your poor neighbor. Sounds like they were bullied. So sad. Your in my prayers. Hug Ben for me and I hope he stays well.




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yeah I think Ben picked up on the sudden negative stuff, I had just put the dogs out for potty time apparently when the verbal assault took place and let them in and went to the laundry room when the shots were fired, so the dogs were out when it initially began verbally. It was the next day that Ben's neck busted open and I know that his stress levels cause his pustules to happen overnight so it would not surprise me to find out that this helped his neck to break open......this was what caused his hair to all fall out at the shelter, now with no more yelling and verbal assaults while he is outside he might calm down some.....I know it was a breath of fresh air to see that my friend had clothes on the line again, it felt more like home again.....sad to say that two people could cause such strife but it is what it is........

Tas ... You all must be gutted .....that poor man driven to this ..... What will happen to him now ? Awful .... Guns are not owned widespread  over here in Scotland but you can totally symathise why he snapped .... Hope you are ok ...... Love Paola and Mina x 

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what is happening  to the Autistic child?  prayers of healing and peace.

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Holy Cow, Tal!  How awful.  I've been out of town for a week and wasn't reading local news.  I hope everything's calmed down and Ben is feeling better.  The bears have been moving alot - I saw one on the way to work before we left within sight of the grocery store.

Hope your neighborhood heals quickly. 

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OMG wow thats really sad. i hope everything gets better for u and ur neighborhood.

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Omg, that's a crazy story!  Who is going to take care of their child?  I hope there is someone mentally stable to care for him (assuming it's a boy).

I hope things get better soon!  And I will be saying my prayers for everyone involved.

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terrible what your friends had to endure, hope all turns out well for them, and the autistic child. Hope Ben is felling better, and hope you are too as well. Prayers sent.

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Well the update is this:

My friends husband is being charged with two counts of 1st degree murder which is was not if anything it was justifiable homicide, he was protecting his family the only way that was left since proper channels were taken not only by them but by me as well. And I found out today from my friend that these neighbors were threatening to burn their house down while they were out and they were so worried about their animals being killed too.

Regardless my friend went to work one morning and came home to find out she would NEVER see her husband outside of jail for the rest of his life. He is 60 or older so even two justifiable homicides would still mean his life would end in prison. So she has to face life without her husand who would have guessed that when she went to work that morning. So hug your loved ones and tell them cause it might be the last time you get to.

As for the kid, he is in DSS now and hopefully he will get the training and education he was NOT getting at home. Their house had NO furniture so you know they were not buying the school items he needed or teaching, heck they didn't have time to teach him they were spending all their free time torturing my friends every second of the day. So honestly the child is better off where he will get the right care.

As for Ben he goes in for a surgical biopsy tomorrow morning.

The bear is still here and now some idiot has killed a baby bear in his yard today in a different area of the city but he had to go back in his house to get his gun that means he could have just stayed in the house and not confronted the bear cub. The news said he cornered the bear and shot it, so obviously the bear was not chasing HIM, so there was no threat of death by baby bear cub. Poor thing so sad. Just a guy wanting to say he shot a black bear in his yard, creep......

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Its sad that what is essentially a victim, becomes a perpetrator of crime through circumstance.

Hopefully his court appointed lawyer can explain this as a consideration at his trial on the 22nd.

In Australia our gun laws are designed so that things like this don't happen. If you had a domestic disturbance on file you would lose your gun license. If you had an altercation and wanted your gun, you would have to access your safe, get the gun, access another safe, get the bolt. Assemble the gun, load the round and proceed with your plan. That may have been enough time for this mans frustration to subside and get a grip on things.

I will say though, communities are not what they use to be. There is no respect for property or consideration for others. In Australia is tree's and parking that set most people off. I don't understand it at all.

When I first moved here the neighbor started yelling at me about the tree's. there was no welcome to the neighborhood or hello my name is ?

He has since moved out and now I have a group of jobless young men on government handouts next door. They start drinking at 11am and for entertainment they smash and kick a car they have parked in the driveway. They even tried to fill it with water to use as a pool.
They constantly yahoo all night which sets the terrible two off.

Now I could cause friction and try to impose some sort of reason on these people but that would lead to the same day to day torment of my property this entailment got.


Arseholes are everywhere, its the new normal. hopefully the judge will understand.

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wow andrew that sounds horrible. yes it's a shame that it came to this but I saw it heading to this type of event just figured it would be the other way around, with him dead instead of the couple. And I don't know if I'm helping or not cause knowing he won't ever get out since it will be two counts of everything and he's over 60 he will spend the rest of his life in prison, so not sure if he wants that or to just die, now that he knows his family is safe. Maybe he doesn't want anyone to prolong his life in jail......just don't know but it's the right thing to do I guess.....