reflexology for your kids

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What an amazing thing. Most of the time we think Reiki and reflexology is only for humans, but yesterday I tried a technique on Sofia who was so frightened from pain that she trembled and shook and seem totally terrorized.

There are two spots directly under their eyes that seem to be the fright reflex.. take your thumb or forefinger and gently circle or lightly tap right there.. You'll be amazed at how quickly they calm and the distress they're feeling dissipates.. something so simple took the fear completely away allowing her to relax, sleep and heal.

I do not have the web site someone sent me.. but do check out reflexology for pets..

It seems there's been a rash of strange illnesses with our beloved babies lately.. My heart is breaking for all of you who are going through this.. it's heartrending when we cannot 'fix' something for them.. they look at us with those  huge pleading eyes and you can read their thoughts.. "take care of me Mom, make it better."

You are all in my prayers, and thank you for yours.

Love Kate

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Yes, all sorts of things like reflexology, aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, reiki and a meriad of other methods work for our animals as well as us.....and alot cheaper than man made meds too.....