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So this is about our precious little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Kevin and I did a LOT of research when picking out a breeder for Ellie.  These breeders are a wonderful older couple.  They provided Ellie's pedigree... her father, her grandmother, and two great grandparents are champion (this is both sides).  They provided certification for health.  Both her parents have been tested on their hearts (a very serious problem for Cavaliers), hips, and elbows. Whenever we go out of town they babysit Ellie... really just wonderful people.

Well, last January Ellie had an "episode" which the vet diagnosed as epilepsy.  I believe the vet is incorrect on this diagnosis because Ellie is totally conscience, trying to move to us, when these episodes attack.  I strongly believe that it is Episodic Falling Syndrome.  I am ordering a DNA test to confirm this suspicion.

So here is my question: Should I bother telling the breeders?  They are no longer breeding because they are retired and have neutered and spayed all their dogs.  They are such a sweet old couple I am scared it will break their hearts.  My only concern is that they may not be breeding anymore, but their daughter may still be showing and breeding (I am not sure).  What do you guys think?

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I would tell them for sure.  If someone else happens to call them with similar issues then they can give them information on what's wrong and what can be done.  I don't mean call them up and tell them accusingly, in fact I'd be very clear that you want them to know but don't blame them at all.  you just want them to be aware in case anyone else has this issue.   I don't see how it can hurt...if they care as much as you say they would want to know so they could help others if they came accross the symptoms again.  


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I second what Lori said!  It sounds like they're pretty involved with Ellie's life still, and I'm sure they would appreciate knowing.  If their daughter is breeding they sound like the type who would want to let her know what you've been dealing with. 

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People own her littermates, and maybe some are being bred, and they deserve to know what is going on in the line, so yes, the breeders should always be informed.  Hopefully, they will do the right thing with the information. 

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I would tell them in a nice way. If they are great breeders they would want to know. My first dobie was a red and rust. I got it from what i thoght were good breeders. About two years after he had an episope. Come to find out these poeple were breeding VWD and didn't even know it. Needless to say I called them as soon as I found out (not good breeders) and shame on me for not doing my homework. This is just my experiance, not trying to imply anything. So in short I would tell them because it sound like you have a relationship with these breeders, and they are good people. If you don't what to tell them then maybe get ahold of there dauther and talk to her about it. Plus if they are watching the dog and it happens they will find out.

Good luck, It sounds like it won't be easy for you.

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I would let them know as everyone has said, in addition you stated that they babysit on occasion for you. I'm sure it would be more traumatic if they found out that way. I think they will appreciate the knowledge as any good breeder would. I owned a dog many years ago that had epilepsy, he was part Shepherd (according to the vet Shepherds are prone, not sure how true that is), it was the most traumatic thing I have ever witnessed. His seizure was severe and had to be hospitalized, fortunately, this was the first and only one he had. Best of luck.

Definitely notify the breeders - I would absolutely want to know about any issue coming up with a dog I bred no matter if I was breeding anymore or not.  Anyone with a sibling should be made aware of it if there is a chance that it is hereditary. 

No breeder can guarantee that a puppy will be perfectly healthy its whole life - there is no reason why telling them could hurt them.... and if it does, then they were not the breeders you thought they were.  JMHO.