Pitbulls are SO vicious....

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Yeah right.  lol


A friend of mine's baby and bully...  haha


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And yet, they make the best baby pillows.  love it, thanks for the laugh

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Sooooo cute!

I'm not a fan of pitties, but I've not met a mean one yet. I met one last week at the feed store, and she was so sweet I would have taken her home. She even grinned at me - I loved it!

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Pet Profiles

The lady who rents our TownHouse from us has the sweetest Pittie ever.. Her name is 'Rosie' and she had trouble finding a place that would accept them simply because of her.

The only thing Rosie does that's 'out of line' is glare at the kitty next door.. that's it.. not a snarl, not a bark.. just the stink eye...

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I love the look of the "pits" but would be a bit nervous to have one with cats or small dogs......just for the prey drive we are considering a pit at some point should our cat population lower and we can devote ourselves to one dog....