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Well, here I am folks. After a long long period of family health issues (my daughters pneumonia and I am recovering from a back operation presently), license suspensions (my wifes) necessatating me driving my butt off all hours of the day, I've finally made it back to the best site on the interwebs.

Im not into 'social media' so this place seems like my digital home to me and how I have missed it.

I've learned so much in the six months or so I've been gone, and I'm looking forward to sharing our experiences once more in our shared aim of improving our understanding and training of the Doberman breed.

I'll post here for now to let you know I'm back and then I'll post a few ideas and things I've picked up along the way and I'm looking forward to checking out the boards to see what cool stuff I can find.

So Storm is 19mo now and I am so pleased with her. She went through a tough stage at around 9mo - 12mo but at some point around the 12mo mark she suddenly began maturing and mellowing quite a bit, and she is a real treasure now. I feel like the foundation has been built as solid as I could make it, and now I can just feather her training as she eases into her role in our house as the families therapy dog. I have to say that she is just as much good therapy for me as she is for my kids and Id have had a much tougher time over the last few months if I didnt have Storm around to entertain and bond with.

I took Storm off her check chain at around 12mo and we havent looked back since. She still pulls a bit, but she knows we stop and sit before moving off again and we've had no repeats of getting off the leash through pulling too hard on it. Storm hated the check chain, always cringing when I tried to put it on. I'm so glad thats a thing of the past now.

Storm is also becoming quite the ball hound. She had no interest in playing with balls until she hit about 12mo then all of a sudden it became the greatest training tool ever. She'll sit an wait for me to throw it and I'll often put a few tricks in too before I throw her favorite toy.

I've also had some success on the barking front. I decided to take a leap of faith in Ian Dunbar and put some unwanted behavior on que. I've taught Storm to 'speak' and this has led to better training for the shush que. I think it is working well. It doesnt stop barking all together (I dont want that anyway) but she is learning when and where and for how long its ok to bark for. She will often 'shush' on a first or second command and I am loving it.

Storm is now a full member of the family. She is trusted inside while under supervision, but she is not as excited around the kids as she was as a pup so the whole family is now much more involved in her training and the companion side of Storms nature is now coming out beautifully and we look forward to that growing in the future. Shes sharing the couch and the bed, so she really is a happy member of the Oz Dobe family unit.

As some of you may know I'm a fan of positive training and one of my favorite trainers is Ian Dunbar who talks alot about owners and dogs requiring a centripital attraction (centripital being the opposite of centrifugal meaning spinning off or out away from the centre) to better work with their dogs. I'm pleased to say that thanks to alot of excellent advice and information, I have been able to focus on this aspect of training and it has been paying off in spades. She's still got a way to go off leash. At the dog park she is great and around home but I'm working on getting her so I can start some off leash training in the near future. We have some great dog beaches in Brisbane and I'm looking forward to working our way toward them in the very near future.

Its great to be back and I look forward joining you all in your discussions soon.


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Yay!! The Great Oz is BACK and oh how we've missed you.. Glad you're recovering and oh my what a time you've had.

Storm sounds as if she's coming along beautifully and kudos to you for all your diligent training.. not easy under the best of circumstances and you've truly had some trials..

Pop in when ever you can. We all learn so much when you do, and once again.. welcome back!!

Katie, Sofia and Bella

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Oh I've missed you and your good training advice Oz! I'm struggling with lead walking at the moment (post in training forum) and I know you've given good advice on this before :)

I'm glad you and your daughter are better! I was worried when we hadn't seen you that things may have gone downhill with her pneumonia.

Welcome back, looking forward to your posts.

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Welcome back!  Looking forward to reading the good stuff you share.

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Welcome back!!! so sorry to hear of the family woes sounds like a handful, glad everyone is doing better

Sounds like Storm is maturing great!!! and your dedication is amazing during such a rough time......

Can't wait to hear more and see pics you must post pics now....

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Thanks guys. It was touch and go with my daughter at one stage. In the ICU they drained over 700mls of fluid from one lung. I wont go into the into the trials and tribulations of getting a non verbal autistic child through the hospital cookie cutter system, but believe me, they are extensive. Its been a long road, but shes finally stopped with the rumbling in the chest and shes finally back to her 1000 mile an hour self. Never thought I'd be so glad to be confronted by the CHAOS once again.

I'm 2wks into my 6wk rehab (3 months before I can return to my home gym again) but so far I'm ahead of the curve in terms of recovery. I've just got to TRY really hard not to go too far. I'm not supposed to be driving, but hey, one short trip to the dog park every day cant hurt, right?

I'll try to post some new pics asap.

Thanks everyone for your warm welcomes. I'm glad to be back to restore my dobe dollar empire....


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Welcome back Oz dobie and family! So glad your daughter is well on her road to health:)

 We missed you


JBK and B