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Well as you all know we sold the 69 Daytona, we've paid some things off and decided to go look at a utilitarian vehicle I wanted the Alien Green kia soul it fit the animal car needs and the "take the mom's for rides and shopping" car, cheap, good gas mileage and funky. We go we test drive and I make plans to get one in about 90 days - when the pay offs that I had done would have plenty of time to be cleared and showing up as zero balances.

We head home and lo and behold the hubby takes us by the BMW store and there on the show room floor sits the Lime Rock Edition M3 in all it's orange glory one of 200 built worldwide, and being an M3 this one is made in Germany.

Well the husband who just got his Viper SRT10 truck which is a viper in a truck skin, says to me "I would give up my truck for this" I said "I bet you would" as it progressed guess what we got it, here is our new car:

 Dual Exhaust

Carbon Fiber spoiler

Carbon Fiber roof

Last year for the M3 V8, it has a serious whine like a blower, when it's winding up for a shift point, and the exhaust sounds very rumbly great car!!

Etched on the back quarter glass

really comfy interior with manual shift no clutch, 7 speed

Badge on the the console

Now the moral of this story is that you just can't send car people to buy a utilitarian car and have them drive past a bmw store with something like this showing through the windows, we really have the car bug bad, we couldn't stop one another from wanting this......needless to say my utilitarian car will have to wait.......but that's life around these here parts, you just never know what kind of car will show up in the driveway next. It's how we have fun, cars cars and more cars......

And my orange challenger srt8 looks red next to this bright orange, they kinda clash, but it looks good next to the lime green 68 coronet I have and I might consider selling it cause I do love the creature comforts of these new we shall see if I opt to sell it......

where is Ben going to sit lol

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where is Ben going to sit lol

Oh, too funny!!! 

(And I'll take the Challenger off your hands, Tal!)

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hahahahaaha RND that is wonderful and sooooo funny - yet - you know I actually looked at the back seat and asked myself "if in an emergency could I get Ben in this car" and yes the seats are large enough and the front seat moves forward up to the dash (I tested that in the showroom) and the backseat is actually larger than our other M3's which were convertibles and had tiny back seats, but this is a hardtop so the depth of the backseat is big enough and actually ben would be quite comfy back there I bet. But in an emergency I would lay the front seat back and drag him in there. Of course being 1 of 200 it will not be a dog car - that was supposed to be what we were going out to buy :))  in fact when I spoke with the kia salesperson he asked what we were looking for in a kia soul and I said first and foremost our rottweiler has to be able to get in it and out of it without issue, he said that was a first. But that's how I roll, animals first, except in the case of BMWs hahahaha, but they are considered. With 6 other cars to choose from I would hope that one would have gas when I needed it for Ben. I also have a ramp for Ben so I could get him in almost anything without lifting him I hope, if I had to lift him I would call the vet and pay one of the assistants to come to my house since I am only 2 1/2 miles from their office. That has happened in the past and they have been accomodating they all know how I am, I won't ask for help unless it is life and death for my animal so they trust that when I make that call it is life or death.......

but hey I'm teaching benie boo boo to pull the wagon he can just pull the car, hahahaha