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Boss's old owner finally showed up to get the rest of his things from next door.  Boss, Niko and I were outside playing fetch when he pulled in.  I didn't really notice him until he started walking over into my yard calling for Boss.  Well, of course Boss went to him to say hi and was happy to see him.

Now, I didn't have a problem with him saying hi to Boss or anything like that.  What I did have a problem with is that he started basically interviewing me to (in his words) "Make sure that WE were good enough people to take care of Boss"!!  Now, this is the same guy that moved out of his mother's house 3 months ago and left Boss behind, then when his mother moved he couldn't be bothered to come get Boss, or even feed him!!!! And their intention was to take him back to the pound they got him from! But, he wants to make sure we are okay.

He asked me if it would be okay if he came by to see Boss every now and then, because it's been so hard on him being away from him.  I'm not generally a passive personality when it comes to things that I feel strongly about, but I told him that it would be okay, mainly because I know that he won't really be coming around and I haven't gotten his microchip updated with my information.

IDK, it just makes me very angry that he had the gall to come to my house and act like he had been the best dog parent the world had ever seen, when we've had Boss for about 3 weeks now and this is the first time we've seen or heard from him!  And then for him to talk to me like I may not be the best person to take care of Boss!!  Well, I guess if you are the type of person that takes euthanizing the animal off the table you just can't be too sure about what kind of person that is!   *Insert extreme sarcasm here*

I didn't expect to be as upset by this as I am, and maybe I don't have any right to be mad, but I am.

I did get a kick out of when I told him that I needed to go inside to do some stuff.  He told me that Boss probably wouldn't want to go with me because Boss knows that he is his owner, I just said, "I guess we'll find out" and told Niko and Boss "Inside" and both of MY BOYS ran to the door without a backwards glance and went inside.  I guess Boss really does know where he belongs.

Okay, I'm doing being whiny, sorry!!  And thanks for giving me a place to vent!

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You were really kind in my opinion - I would have reminded this person that he had not bothered to even come to see if his dog was alive or dead, etc. I would not have been as gentle. Great that the dogs went inside on call, I would have been fuming. Get that microchip updated!!!! I understand your need to keep it low key due to the microchip but once you get that fixed give him hell......hugs to Boss for going in his new home without a backward glance to this no good person.....

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Well.. here I go.. the all time re-framer.

GUILT! pure and simple.. the a-hole felt guilty about leaving Boss and over compensated by 'pretending' to be over concerned and solitious.He put his guilt ball in your court and created a defensive situation..

Well handled Michele.. You kept your cool.. saw through his guise of " I'm such a good owner" and YOU will make Boss a wonderful and happy addition to your home

One of the things that has helped me through situational angst is a philosophy I formed many years ago:

People don't do things TO you.

They do things FOR themselves.

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You are a far better woman than I,  both dogs would have been sent inside right away and he would not have been allowed on my property.  He abandoned the dog how dare he want to make accusations that you would not be an acceptable owner who is he to make that decision anyways.  I have several names for him and am afraid that I might offend some people, I am going to go outside to smoke and vent my frustration, very miffed right now.  GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR


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You were much nicer than I would have been. I would have told him just how I felt about his leaving Boss behind. Kate is right, it was definitely guilt.