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Good morning All.
My son Scott is looking for a muzle for Sammy. They want to be able to take him on the ferry to Manhattan, they live on Staten Island and he has to have a muzzle on. He has seen one with spikes painted on it. He doesn't want real spikes but likes the looks. I have looked on line. Any ideas?
Thanks for the help. You guys are the best

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I really know nothing about muzzles Chris. Good luck in finding one.. and what fun to take the ferry.. would love to see photos of Sammy with the NYC skyline as a back drop.

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I'd personally suggest something along the lines of this muzzle Here.


Mesh muzzles are more comfortable and more structurally sound than most while still allowing the dog enough room to drink. If a muzzle is mandatory, then this is what I'd go with. 

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yes you definitely need something that allows the dog natural breathing and the ability to throw up  if necessary without aspirating and choking to death, good lord I seem to be so full or terrible tales. Sorry just pointing that one out......muzzles are for short spurts and can be a positive thing in the right context. But the dog has to feel normal in them to prevent anxiety.