Merry Christmas Everyone

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Hope your day is filled with blessings and joy

Love from Kate, Mike and Sofia

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It was a quiet day here; ate good leftovers; watched a good movie; and cuddled with Ben on the sofa. No outings no family visiting etc. just me the husband and the critters......really miss the family get togethers but this year like last year my mom had a meltdown on me the week of christmas and she was in no frame of mind to visit or see me :(( I keep trying; we've struggled for decades to have a good relationship but the last two years have ended up with christmas being separate from each other I am hoping it's just her age that causes her to act out at christmas now......sorry to vent but it was a good relaxed big presents or anything but sometimes quiet time is what's needed.....I did get some art pencils yayayayayay that will be fun to use up :))

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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Happy Christmas to you all!!!!! Had a quiet Christmas too. Just the family, loads of food, loads of greyhounds and one spoilt dobie!!! As it should be! Hope you all enjoy the holidays ;)

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We hope everyone had a great Christmas!

 We went to the inlaws Christmas eve, Bella was very popular and on perfect behavior. She destroyed a new orange froggy toy right in front of the boy who gave it to her!

On Christmas we took her out on the fire trail, and you can see far if any body is out, of course everyone was busy opening gifts.... Bella got to romp off leash, she was very good and stayed nearby and played stick retrieve with us, her recall and heel are getting good.

Then we went to Malibu we were all out on the deck, she had a big bone. She was very sweet when she met Michael's grandfather, he is 98. Then she got to run on the beach! (2nd time) She took off as fast as a loosed arrow after a seabird, I think the bird underestimated her speed....

Then a bath and over to Aunties where she was very good but we decided to keep her with us on leash, as there was another dog and a very low coffee table and alot of guests.

 She got so many compliments, we love her so.

Happy New Year to all our new friends on Gentle Dob.

 Did you know she is 25" at shoulder and 60 lbs! gained 10 lbs,.... same shape, can't tell, just exponential growing I guess!!!!!!!!