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I was wondering if anyone else has keepsakes from their babies that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Heres a list of my beloved treasures. 


From my Rottie/Mastiff Karsie- I've got the green bandanna that she loved to wear out in public. When I told her it was time for a walk, she would go and get her "pretty" before she even went for the leash. It's always tied around my wrist. 

From Gordy the Great Dane- I've got his favorite kong toy. We used to play fetch with it in the yard every day. Its sitting on my bookshelf along with the porcelain doll my grandpa gave me before he passed. 

From Chevi the Siamese- I have his pink camo collar. It's around the neck of my favorite stuffed animal. 

From Sweety the Rat- I have her favorite washcloth. She loved to curl up and pull it over herself like a blanket. I've got it sewn inside my pillow. 

And last but not least, From Tilly, not my Dobe, but definately a special one- I've got my love for dobermans and a scar on my heart, because no matter how many dobes I end up loving, she will always be the first. 


Sorry for getting sentimental... I've just been here for so long and felt compelled to share a little bit of myself with you guys.

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I have Mackerboys toy's that he growed up with and slept with unwashed of course put up on my dresser plus his favorite blanky that still has his smell on it and all the scarves and hankys he loved to wear so yes I understand thanks for shareing.  Dodie & Hoss

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I have not kept anything but pictures and memories from my past dogs.  With Rocky however, I plan on getting his paw print as a tattoo.  Haven't decided where just yet though..

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Harley and Ellie are my first dogs and I love them so much and I cannot imagine the pain of losing a pet.  

I really do not like to hold onto things, but I like Lori's idea of a tattoo.  I met a woman at a fair that made beautiful sterling necklaces with a dog's nose print.  I thought of this with Ellie because she has a cute petite nose, but Harley's would be huge!

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I have every collar we ever bought for every dog and cat we ever had. I also have kept toys, my black lab used to take a toy whenever we went to the vets, a fire engine, I left that in the car for months, now it is in the curio with his stuffed frog. I do come by this naturally, when my mother passed away we found baby teeth from her toy poodle in her jewelry box!

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I have all my animals cremated and I have a whole huge curio cabinet dedicated to those ashes and with their ashes I keep their collars and their most favorite toy, along with a picture of them; and when the little containers came back sterile white I would take and decoupage' their favorite things onto their box; I also order a concrete statue if I can find one that shows their favorite position - sleeping, sitting, playing etc. and that goes into the memorial garden in the yard; and if no concrete statue can be found then I order another type which are usually short ones but my mom orders me a statue that has their birthdate and death date, name, and something sweet on it for the memorial garden; and I usually do a ceremony and dedicate the statue and a rose bush, tree, or other plant in their honor. For instance I have a huge collie statue for my collie Levi, it's a concrete very life like and life-sized statue, and a life sized statue of a whippet for TJ and a concrete statue for my other collie Goofy on order and small cat statues everywhere in all sorts of poses sitting in front of their dedicated plants thorough out the yard.

I guess I do it up big, uh, didn't realize it till I started talking about it......I do full funerals complete with guests, photo albums, music, candlelighting, stories, eulogies and food afterward......