Just got approved. Hi to all!

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Joined: 2019-08-18

Hello, just got an email that I got approved here. So glad to be part of this community. I didn't see any Welcome section, so I just pop in here instead to say Hi to everyone!

Here is my dam and she said Hi to everyone as well :)

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Joined: 2019-10-06

Same to me. Got approved also. Hello everyone.

But I don't think I will open a new thread just to say hello because I don't adopt any Doberman yet. I signed this forum to learn about this breed and will decide later. Thanks for accepting me here.

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Joined: 2019-08-31

Welcome.  I, too, just joined this forum and love the information available to us.  Your dog is beautiful.  (I couldn't figure out how to even post pictures).  :)   

Anyway, best wishes.