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Well, I just wanted to post an intro and say hi to everyone out there.

My name is Richard and I do not have a dog yet as I want to finish the bulk of my degree first (should be mostly done in about a year).

I do like planning ahead so over the last 6+ months I have been reading about many different dog breeds and have narrowed it down enough and the Doberman came out on top.  Many of your posts have significantly swayed me and a really neat vid on you tube involving a Doberman and a waterslide kinda clinched it :) .

Growing up I had a family member that was allergic to pet dander so we had reptiles and as much as I loved each and every one (even the tarantula), I spent as much time as I could with the neighborhood dogs as I could and even did dog/pet sitting for them.

I am near a point where I'll have the resources and time to finally have a dog of my own and, I have spent a lot of time researching in preparation.

Currently, I have a day job and a business that I started and run and school so I am really too busy right now for a pet but that should be resolved in a year :) . 


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Richard, welcome to the forum.  The fact that you are honest about your time commitments and understand the time that is involved in properly raising a dog bodes well for your future furbaby.  The fact that you are already researching breeds is also a good thing.

Most of us on here are biased and will readily tell you that Dobies are the best dogs.  They are extremely smart, loyal, and loving.  They are both strong and athletic.  They are eager to please and train easily.  They are protective of their "pack".  They will boost your ego, as I have received too many "beautiful dog" comments to count.  And, not to be sexist but...they are chick magnets.  Wherever I go men may make a comment, but it's the ladies that have to stop and pet Freyja (One time while at the beach I threatened to rent her out to single guys ).  I know they're not right for everyone, they take a lot of time, energy, and work.  But in my experience the two Dobies I've been owned by in my life have been remarkable dogs.

Continue to read, research, and learn as much as you can about our great breed.  I have found out so much I wish I had known before I got Freyja.  Your work before getting your dog will pay off.

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Thank you for your comments.  I had initially been thinking GSD but a long coat here in the AZ desert plus the shedding factor led me to look for a short coat breed.  Initially a Dobe never entered my mind but after doing a number of the different breed test you find on line it kept coming up in the top 5 recommendations.  So I looked into it more ... and landed here and ... well ... never left.

Here are some of the things I wrote on my "ideal" list when my search first started:

I did not want a small yappy dog (ie small terriers, toy breeds)

I wanted a smart dog that I could do activities with or even compete with (ie flyball, agility, IPO, etc)

I didn't want a huge dog (ie Great Dane, English Mastiff)

I wanted a dog that liked to be around me (I have seen comments about some breeds that are almost cat like in their aloofness)

I didn't want a dog with an extremely high maintenance coat (a GSD was on the outside edge of this)

I didn't want a super hyper dog (ie border collies and some of the other sheapard breeds are)

I didn’t want a super lethargic dog

I wanted a dog that took to training

I wanted a relatively healthy breed


While not a requirement list it does shape my decision process.  I have heard a number of people comment that the Dobe is a breed with numerous health problems but when I ask for many examples they tend to list a number of the diseases that are well known and have genetic or other tests for. 

From everything I have been reading this can be seriously mitigated (but never fully eliminated) by fully investigating the genetic background and lines of the chosen breeder.  I am certainly open to comments on this topic.

The Doberman seems to fit the bill....


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Well from your list I can honetsly say that in my opinion a Doberman certainly matches up.  They are extremely smart and you will find a puppy will take up quite a bit of your time for a while so waiting is smart.  They are a lot like children, you cannot just leave them alone, they want to be with you and they want you to play with them and teach them and spend time with them.


The risk of most health problems can be lowered significantly simply by buying from a reputable breeder that health tests.


Good luck in your search!

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Welcome Welcome!