I am alive! I swear!

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So...  it's been a grueling, long, awful few months, but I'm slowly coming out the other side.

My grandmother passed mid November.  As my mother commented as we were waiting for the coroner, "Leave it to her to hold on until her passing was a kindness for us instead of a trauma."  FYI, lung cancer is not a fun way to go.  -.-  Though at least she was never in much pain, or at least so she said.

Between dealing with that - I was closer to her than anyone else in my life except maybe Jess... maybe... - and then the holidays and all the stress and crap with that, I am just now getting my life back in order.


Koko has gotten HUGE, and is definitely in full sway of the doberteens, but even despite that he is super sweet and surprisingly well behaved aside from an absolute paper-shredding addiction  XD  We haven't been to the vets in about 3 months, but he's probably nearing 90 lbs by now...  he was 76 then, and has gotten a bit taller and is definitely filling out.  When he finishes growing up and calms down a bit, I firmly believe he will be the best dog I've ever had. 

He's had several more visits with Jess's coworker, who just gushes over how sweet he is, and apparently he's great with kids, too (she has a 2 yr old grandchild).  Her son brings his dobie Kane up for playdates with Koko at her house from time to time now even, they've become great buddies.  It's kinda surreal to get a call on a Saturday afternoon asking if Koko can come over to play... lol

With all that's been going on, we took a hiatus from his formal training, but we're planning to get him enrolled in the Advanced class that starts Feb 2nd, assuming we aren't in the midst of getting ready to move by then...  Jess has a lead on a literal dream job, keeping our fingers crossed to hear back from them in the next week or two.

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TANNA, so glad you wrote, I figured you were dealing with personal loss, and we are very sorry to hear about your beloved Grandma.

 welcome Back!

we missed you very much

happy new Year 

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So sorry to hear about your loss. Im sure he will be amazing for you :)

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Sorry to hear about your loss.

Nice to hear from you and glad you're back.

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Wow..you;'ve sure had your hands ( and hearts ) full.

So very sorry. Will keep you in our prayers

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I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmother; I don't know what it was with the end of last year but it really took it's toll on a lot of people and alot of people crossed over too....here's hoping that all of us have a happy less stressful and more peaceful year this year.....