Hope for the Animals in Guatemala

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Hi All,

I was just thinking the other day that I should share with you all what it is that I have the priviledge of doing in Guatemala and my cat Antonio's story.

I work with an organization (NGO) called Mayan Families.  Along with the various programs with school sponsorship and community development projects, we also run "Hope for the Animals".  This program rescues injured and unwanted animals and seeks to put them in their forever homes with responsible families.  We often get calls about animals injured or horrible starved on the street.  People also bring their unwanted puppies and kittens to our doorstep (pics below).  Mayan Families nurses the animals back to health, spays or neuters them, and makes sure that their shots are all up to date before sending them home with a pre-screened family.  Often one of the families that we work with wish to take home a pet for protection or for their children, but we let them know that if they can't feed their families, we can't trust them to feed their pets, either.  

Many of the volunteers and employees of the organization end up adopting these rescued animals.  I myself rescued Antonio over two years ago when I first came to work here.  Antonio's owner was actually an expat who had gotten sick and left for the US for treatment.  This was the first time he gave Antonio to Mayan Families.  Antonio had to endure living with several other cats in the founder's home before his owner returned and asked for him back.  Antonio's reunion with his owner was short lived, however, and he brought my poor buddy back to Mayan Families where he said that we could throw him in the lake, he didn't care as long as he was rid of the cat!  Soon after, I agreed to meet Antonio at the office.  That evening I took him home and we began the close friendship and loving relationship that Antonio deserves.

I know that a lot of you may have rescue animals and know what it's like.  In Guatemala the streets are full of packs of "street dogs" that have to search for food and don't know what it's like to be in a loving home.  Often, the government or individual people will throw poisoned treats in the streets to "get rid" of this hazard.  Mayan Families takes a different approach and whenever we have the funds, we have spay and neuter clinics for family pets and street animals.  However, it costs $25 per animal and as an NGO primarily funded by individual donors, we don't often have the capacity to do this. 

I'm so thankful that my boyfriend and I were able to take Kike into our lives knowing that we will be responsible dog owners!  

PS If you're interested in learning more about the NGO that I work at, you can check out the website: www.mayanfamilies.org


These two rolly poly pups were abandoned by a family that didn't want puppies, but didn't spay their pet.

Poor Spot was thrown over a wall.  We were afraid that she would have permanent nerve damage.

However, she recovered and was taken in to a loving family!

Dulce was abandoned due to an eye injury, but found a loving home with a coworker of mine!

Here's my buddy, Antonio...so content in his new loving home!

This poor guy was saved from the river...his littermates were not so lucky.

Three newborn kittens were brought to us, but with no mommy, only one survived.

Sweet Pamela was abandoned in the apartments I stayed in for a few months.

Little Bella was cold and alone on the streets until we were able to find her a loving home with missionaries across the lake!

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OH THANK GOD, some good news, thank you for sharing this with us!!!!!

I have been so heartbroken by all the abuses worldwide with the animals and to hear some good news is tremendously uplifting, I LOVE the pics thank you thank you!!!!!!

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Great work! Thank you for sharing.