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Hi there all our wonderful friends and family. Major changes going on here and I apologize for the long absence...

Mike and I have been called by God to move from Baja to Apple Valley CA. He is now teaching almost sixty Asian students who have come to the states to learn the WORD and also the word. ( English)

The house is packed up... the truck gets here Friday the 15th.. and will deliver our household goods on the following Sunday

Both Sofia and Bella OF COURSE are coming with.. a little confused by the ongoing packing of all our belongings into cardboard boxes.

Have leased our casa for two years.. with the hope of coming back to Baja.. but it's now all in God's hands.

Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers that the transition from seaside to high desert goes smoothly and painlessly.. Not sure how the pups will do with such a climate change..

I promise to keep better touch..

Love and smooches to the pooches..

Katie, Mike, Sofia and Bella..

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Dear Katie, Mike, Sofia and Bella,

 I am so happy to hear you are all ok!!!!:)

And congratulations on Mike's new job, and your move. I know that moves can be awful but usually there is a good reason for them and may your happiness in Apple Valley shine brightly while unpacking and during your time there. Is that near Victorville?

I'm happy to hear that you can keep your Mexico home and return later. I hope the high desert is welcoming to you all. 

Just keep telling the girls that they are coming and show them that you are putting their stuff in those boxes too. They will know from your words and actions that they are not being left. I bet with their pasts its a little un-nerving for them.

Let us know if you need any help we are not that far away well about 2 hours, but not as far as Baja!

Thanks so much for the update, have been missing you here on the forum.



Julia Michael and Bella

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whew I was going to post tonight to ask where you were, I know I have been popping in and out since my move last year things are still a huge project around here and I just don't have time to post like I used to but I noticed you were not here and was worried about you - glad it's just a busy time and congrats on the move and new adventure!!! Let us know how it all pans out and how the dogs love the new place!!! No more golf balls I guess hahahaha

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Don't know how I missed your post Lady Kate, but I did!  Wow, off on a grand new adventure!  By now, you're probably half unpacked, and Sofia and Bella are settling in as well. Thank you for the update - it's good to hear from you.

I don't post much, just lurk about every day.  LOL

Best wishes..


Good luck with your move and welcome back to the states!