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Hello , My name is Ina and i just joined today. A short background on us. Married my husband 3 years ago and he already has our female Jasmin. I lost my French bulldog a couple months before getting married and was and still am heart broken over it and needed to share all this love and knowing how great Jasmin is my husband bought me my baby Zeus.
Problem is just a short time after getting Zeus I had emergency neck surgery. ( 6 disc fusion and time didn't stop for my little baby to grow big and strong. Zeus is beautiful and smart and strong. Problem with my 2 yr healubf he was left with little trying mostly on leash.
I am now trying to work with him without hurting myself and read about a head collar.
Sorry to take so long to get to point but does anyone on hear know if these work and used them. Thank you all for and suggestions.

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Not sure about head collars, but I know Bella had one before we got her and she hated it. We immediately switched to choke chain (old school)

I have read of many owners here having success with the medium size prong collar which they buy two and add the extra links until it is the right size. Fit is important.

Socializing and training constantly and the result will be a well behaved dog even after a relapse. But please always remember how strong they are and impulsive.

Hey! Welcome to theforum:) 

I hope your neck gets all better

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try a prong collar - not the big huge link ones.  Herm Sprenger is the best brand for quality.  Make sure you have a good trainer fit it for you. They should not be hanging loose - they should fit snug right behind the ears. 

As a note, a collar like this should only be worn while on a walk or training - they should NEVER wear it like a flat house collar.