Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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So what are your plans for this holiday season?

We're having friends over for turkey dinner tomorrow

.. . All the doggies are invited so it will be a full house and am afraid the turkey smell might be a bit much for the poor little guys and the snooty Diva ( haven't told her yet who's coming by) will get herself in a royal snit and not sleep tonight and make herself cranky. )

Wishing all of you a very happy thanksgiving.. and I for one, am very thankful for ALL of you!


Kate, Mike and of course herownself.. Sofia.

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Thank you and same to you! I, for one, am totally exhausted tonite from the last minute shopping and cleaning.  Fancy had to help me each step of the way on the cleaning part --(licking the lower cabinets as I wipe them down, making sure I vacuum each corner and crevase).  She knows all the people that are going to be here tomorrow, but they're all going to be here at once, plus some.  She's a friendly girl and greets everyone, but I hope she doesn't get too overwhelmed.  I bought her and her little friend Buster some special chewies to keep them busy for dinnertime.

I know what I am going to give thanks for,  "Hi Mom, wake up, hi mom, wake up"  LOL here's your kisses, now we gotta go out!" from my two babies.

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Thanks, but Thanksgiving was a month ago. 

From your resident Canadian - lol.

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Kate et al... Happy turkey day and glen belated to you! XOXO so glad i have found my dober soulmates!

A Happy Thanksgiving to All !!!!!!!

Be safe and Go Saints !

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I'm in recovery mode today from either a bout of food poisoning or a horrible 24-hr stomach virus. Yesterday I was so sick I could only drag myself out of bed long enough to run to the bathroom.  The weird and wonderful thing was, Ziva stayed right beside me the entire time I was sick.  Never left my side for a moment.  She is SO full of energy all the time and I usually take her for an extended walk or a run through the ball fields next door every day, I thought she would be as nervous as a cat from not even going outside except to potty, but she stuck to my side like glue.  I'm feeling much better today, and I took her for her run through the ball park already this morning, even though is is drizzling rain. 


~Paul & Ziva

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


So sad to hear you had food poisoning Ziva's Dad! I had a bought with the 24 hour stomach flu last week and know how awful it is, especially this time of year...good thing Ziva was there to take good care of her dad ^.^

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Happy Thanksgiving Guys!

I'm finally back, we just bought a brand new computer for black Friday since ours crashed... but hey hope everyone is doing great!