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I have to recommend La Quinta Inn hotels to anyone wanting to keep their doberman in a hotel. I don't think we will ever stay in another hotel chain. They are always so friendly, the rooms are very nice for the price and no extra charge for the dobies! If you have a petsmart card you get a discount too.

Laith loved it. No issues at all, even when being left alone. Anywho that is all. Included a pic of Laith from our current trip to Alabama. lol

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he is soooo handsome! I will keep that in mind when josh starts this new job and is traveling! The kids might just have to come and visit daddy on the road with me!

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Gotta agree w/ you on LaQuinta and dobes.  We used to make it a point to make reservations ahead at the LaQuinta in Chattanooga when we traveled with our two ratties and one doberman, Darmok.  They were so great to us AND the dogs, and never batted an eye at the fact that we had a doberman with us. 

So many hotels have weight restrictions on pets now.  The place we used to stay in Myrtle Beach, SC was always a great dog-friendly place and we went there with our doberman several times, but in the past couple of years, they have imposed a 30-lb weight limit on dogs.  No idea why, but now we can't stay there with Ziva if we ever have the chance to go back to SC.

Laith looks all chilled out in the pic, too. 

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Thanks for the information on LaQuinta.. We've always used Extended Stay America and have been pleased.. Will give LaQuinta a try

Laith is GORGEOUS>. ( Love the way he still sits like a pup!!)

Last week when we went to Lake City Fla. we stayed at Red Roof Inn. Their pet policy is "One well behaved pet stays free."  When I walked Jewel into the lobby, they didn't even bat an eye.

I never let her in the room alone but she got alot of eyeing (word?) in a good way, when we went to take our outside breaks.

Room was clean and reasonable.

This is good info! Anyone else?


And like Laith, Jewel found her bed too, LOL



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If anyone wants to travel from Northern CA to Grand Canyon I have a mapped out trip with dog friendly campgrounds, hotels, restuarants and activities to do.  There is a great website -- keep in mind, hotels etc pay to advertise here but it's still a very good resource.

I will have to keep this chain in mind though because most of the places I know off-hand that allow dogs (a) have weight requirements and (b) charge.

One sad thing and I don't know if this is limited to CA or not, but many of our State Parks do not allow dogs access.  So we spend a lot of time even trying to find a place to camp - it's frustrating.  There is a current fight against legislation that would remove all coastal dog parks in the SF area.

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Thanks for the info.  Last year Karen had her high school reunion near Emerald Isle, NC.  We wanted to stay in a motel instead of pulling the camper but none of the area motels would allow Freyja to stay or were going to charge a steep fee.  I even explained that Freyja qualified as a service anaimal under the Americans with Disabilities Act and their attitude was "sue me".  We ended up taking the camper and staying in a nice National Forest campground for $11/night.