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Hello everyone.. I know there are a few of us on Facebook and how I'd love to stay in touch with you on that medium..

Here's a thought.. why not start a page for your dobermans?

Sofia has hers.. It's Sofia Doberdiva

and you can find me on Katie O'Brian-Robles..

An open invitation ...Let's be Facebook friends..

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We don't have a page for Nala but she does have her own hashtag - #nalathedobie we're on IG and FB :)

Keeping up with my own Facebook is enough for me - haha! I also don't accept friends that I don't really know as I really use facebook as much for kid brags as dog brags.... my kids play high school and college Water Polo, and high school swimming.... so teens in swim suits - I prefer to know the people who see my pictures.  JMHO