Car-Dog Trauma

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I just had to share my horror, and didn't want to taint happy puppy threads.  :(


On our way back home from puppy school, the car in front of us hit a dog, a german shepherd mix of some sort.  It was...  I just...  there are no words.  I will see it perfectly in my mind's eye for the rest of my life.  It wasn't a bump-squeal type of deal; it was on a (country) highway at 65 mph.

I'm grateful it wasn't me that hit him, but a perfect view of what happened is almost worse except for the guilt.

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Hi Tannaidhe, I'm so sorry for your experience.  How awful.  Many years ago a Shepard mix I had got out of my friend's house and I watched her get rolled on a 55 mph road. I will never forget it. It was like it happened in slow motion.  She was so lucky and only got grazed and thrown.  She was sore and had some road rash, but that was the extent of it.  Your experience was horrible.  I am so sorry for you. Thinking of you and that poor dog.

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Tann~~ I am so so sorry to hear of this experience.. what a horrid visual for you to have.

Thank you though, for sharing it.. maybe some of us needed to read it just to make sure we're extra vigilent during our busy errands. Too many times, we get caught up in the moment, creating shopping lists in our heads... ( writing and only an instant with our eyes off the road can take a horrendous toll.

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Oh lord, I have every animal that was injured or died in front of me my whole life emblazened in my mind's eye, I know the type of dog, where it happened and how old I was, I never forgot nor will I any of them, I even remember the frog that jumped out during a deluge of rain at night that I hit, I have not hit an animal on the road, I have seen it and my husband was driving once when a big black dog on a black night was apparently running down the double yellow line scared to death and there was no way to see him and he turned right in front of us and we smacked him but he was tall enough to look right into my eyes over the truck's hood and I screamed we were on the brakes hard and the dog never missed a beat kept running down the bank and up onto a dirt road.....I wondered why he looked like he had seen a ghost the terror in his eyes will never leave me, up the road we saw why, he apparently had been running with 3 other dogs and those 3 were hit and killed all at once by a semi was a massacre on the road and that one dog saw it all and was terrified.....the truck driver was on the side of the road trying to deal with it, I just cried all the way home and that was over 2 hours away......that dog will be forever in my heart.......and that was 12 years ago!!!  there is not one animal I will ever forget.....

I am so sorry you had to witness this, horrible horrible memory to have.....