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We have our first family of geese.  There are 7 babies, one was under Mom.  We are pretty sure there are 4 nesting pairs, 3 on the island, and one on shore.  We have never had one nest on shore before, with all the preditors out there, I am a little worried about them, but so faf so good.  Last year we had a total of 40 geese, 9 adults and 31 babies.  There always seems to be an uncle hanging around (or mambe an aunt, who can tell).  This is this morning out the back door.    The really amazing part of this, the geese and the dogs pay no attention to each other.  Hopefully I'll have more pictures of dogs and goslings as they get a little older. 

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How darling are these little guys???? what a treat to see them grow up.

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Aaawww I just wanna scoop them up and kiss them!!!!

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Pet Profiles

I can't believe the dogs don't bother them.  Rocky is so curious he'd be right in their little faces trying to say hi and pawing them to get them to come to him.