28 years and counting

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Well guys I celebrated my 28th wedding anniversary on saturday this weekend.....we didn't do much, we just took the convertible out for a nice drive and went to look at cars our favorite pasttime other than visiting Lowes to buy home remodeling stuff hahahaha.....got a bite to eat and came back and sat on the porch with the dogs till after dark.....

We talked about how life had thrown us so many curve balls but we survived:

Our wedding day we went to pick up the cake and the bakery had it looking like a birthday cake it was ugly - I asked for pastel - almost void of color blue, purple and pink flowers to be on it and they gave me birthday cake rich colors but it was too late to change, they also had it totally put together, it was only two layers but they had the little columns that hold the second layer over the first layer, already on the cake!!! and the second cake was sitting on those columns so there was no box and I had to carry it out of the bakery, to the car, and sit down and pray it didn't slide off for the next 10 miles!!! we arrived at the church with the cake together but we found the church locked!!! so Danny left me at the church to sit on the sidewalk cause he had to drive down a dirt road to get the keys, that would have definitely left the cake in my lap, so while I sat there on the sidewalk, no bench mind you, the sidewalk, it started to rain, I couldn't get up cause I needed my hands to push up off the low sidewalk and they were holding the cake!!! so there I sat in the rain with my cake getting wet......I always say I fully understand the song MacArthur's Park - Someone left the cake out in the rain and I don't think that I can make it, cause it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again, oh no......
then my piano player, my kindergarten friend :) said I had to save her a parking place where she could just pull her car in and drive out cause her car didn't have reverse, then the person who was to do my hair NEVER showed up and didn't call......then - yes there is more - we had to decorate the church ourselves with the flowers I had picked up the day before, and then after the wedding was over our guests went outside to wait for us to exit to throw birdseed at us, but they had to wait a long time cause we had to CLEAN UP the community room ourselves, yep not a one of our guests offered to do it for us, we the bride and groom cleaned the church and the reception room and when we got done we exited only to find that our guests ignored our request to NOT touch our car, instead they had smeared our collector car convertible with shaving cream that etched the paint requiring us to repaint our car 4 years later to get rid of Just Married all over it....we went home to our cats and two dogs and never took a honeymoon EVER because we had animals......

We remembered that day - and how 6 months later my hip broke turning our whole plans and life upside down, requiring my hip surgery, being listed on hospice care, not being able to move anything on my body except my eyes for 3 months, having to depend on my husband and my mom to lift my head in order to eat, they had to brush my teeth, carry me to the bathroom etc. for 3 months,  we had to move in with my parents for a whole year cause I needed 24/7 care; during that year our home was broken into and although nothing was stolen this creep laid out my clothes as if he was picking things for me to wear, it was scary, so I purchased my first gun to keep with me in my wheelchair for the day when we would move back home to keep me safe while danny was at work, then a few months after I was able to move my arms my step dad was diagnosed with cancer and 6 weeks later he died; a few months later, still in a wheelchair we moved back home, the next year my grandmother died; the next year I had my amputation; the next year we began looking for a house; we repainted the convertible restored it back to new, sold it for a down payment on our home, the one we have now.....we had NO furniture our mattress sat on the floor and we had one rocking chair that I had when I was 16 and one cedar chest and 2 trunks that belonged to my great grandparents and that was it.....we got our first furniture from the grocery store, hahahahaah, a set of wicker that was on top of one of the isles for summer.....we still have that set......we paid off my medical finally; then I broke my pelvis and was laid up for 8 weeks.....then I had surgery again in 2000 another 12 week recovery.....then it was danny's turn to begin with breaking bones and tearing up his body.....

the rest is history with animals rescued by the dozens, when we moved into our house we had 10 cats and 3 dogs hahahahaha; what a crew......now we have 7 cats and 2 dogs

We survived and in the process saved so many animals and got to enjoy owning soooooo many collector cars, around 82 I believe last count, and we have been in our home for 22 years now, even though the real estate agent said "oh you are a young couple you won't stay here more than 3-5 years" I would love for her to see the place now but she died shortly after selling us the house......

We have come a LONG LONG way and hope to have a LONG way to go.......

Just wanted to share..........28 years and counting

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wow, what an incredible history! Still got a long way to go though :)

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Oh Georgia.. You are such an inspiration and a role model for all of us who just THINK we're facing adversity and pain.

What knocks most people down and out... gave you strength courage and the ability to heal others. I cannot express the admiration and respect I have for you.

No bitterness is ever found in your threads or posts.. only encouragement  and understanding.. God bless you sweet girl.. you are our resident angel.

With love


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Talisin, your story is so incredibly vivid and beautiful in its own way. You have encountered such sadness and terrible diversity in your time here on earth, and yet you are so loving and inspiring to us all. Thank you for sharing and for being you. This world is a better place because of you and your love and your attitude!!

Congratulations on your long and strong marriage!!

 We have only 12 years

I started another thread for Gd'ers to share their wedding stories, but yours "takes the cake"!!!!


Julia, Michael and Bella

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hahahaha yep that cake was something else - hey at least it tasted good :))

there of course, is so much more that I didn't cover things that broke my heart like having 3 of our cats euthanized the same visit :((

Leaving my first husband was a night of comedic acts that are worth sharing at a later time, but lets just say that it included driving, yes driving, with a handblown glass tea pitcher full of tea, between my legs while my dog and cats were loose in the car!! and I had to travel 7 miles that way; and it included a car full of plants out of the yard without the privilege of plastic or burlap around the root balls just plants and dirt all over the white interior in my mustang......it's quite the story.....and includes a pickup truck so full of bricks that I had used to lay a walkway, that I seriously doubted we would get to our new place with them, or rather with the truck in one piece.....a bout with mono that was misdiagnosed that almost killed me, etc etc I have lived a very entertaining - in a weird annoying holy hell type of entertaining way - life - I just hope and pray that it gets calmer and less annoying hahahahaha

I strive to be helpful cause when I needed help NO ONE was there for me so I made sure that if I could help I would, cause I might be the only person that other person has to help them.....so if I can I will.......and life is not about setting up permanent residence in the pity party room, it's about seeing where you are and always moving forward regardless of whether where you ARE is good or bad just keep moving but don't ever go backwards.......I will admit I have very low tolerance for those that get stuck in the bitter pity parties and woe is me attitudes....if I try to help them move forward and they refuse I will move on cause that drives me nuts.....I don't understand that thought pattern......and I could keep talking but that's for another day....MacArthur Park is softly playing in the background hahahahaha