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Hi Alpha!

I know you have controls in place to keep the spambots off, but what do you want us to do when we find a posting on a thread that is...   um....  trying to sell something & has nothing to do with dobes?

Do we send you an email or use the "flag as inappropriate" button?  So far, you've caught all the spammers before I've seen anything, but I did see one this week which is why I'm asking.

Thanks for all you do!

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Thanks Dabbles. If you see anything spammish or otherwise inappropriate, click the "Flag as Inappropriate" link. This will automatically send me an email.

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Oh I accidently click "Flag as inappropriate" all the time when I use my phone. I always unflag it though.

Sorry for all the emails Alpha...

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Jensen ~ I'm guilty of that as well. It's the location of scrolling and flag. I'm trying to be more careful, but still happens.