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I don't see where I can post a reply to a post I made. I clicked reply and it takes me to comment, but no comment box to type in.

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I'm having some problems with this site however,it's most likely me. When I read comments about Lynn Dobe I really wanted to comment but,every time I tried I couldn't get a comment box to pull up. I'm not that computer savey  though lol!

I was very fortunate to have one of Lynn's Dobe's many moons ago. Her name was QT and you could have offered me a million bucks for that dog and I would have refused it. You can't sell a family member. Everyone loved that dog! She was a terrific ambassador for the breed. She was even loved by my neighbors! 

Prior to "adopting" QT I was subjected (rightfully so) to a great number of questions over a period of time. Lynn asked more questions than anyone I'd ever dealt with. She wanted to know where her pups and dogs were going. She is a breeder of Merit. This is not easily done! She works closely with the University to help eradicate -one day the diseases that affect Dobes. This is time consuming friends! She will answer any questions you have. Lynn Coleman is a very reputable soul,honest and is a hands on breeder with a ton of experience! There are other breeders out there too. Some reputable. Some not. Lynn is one of the top 5! Anyone would be lucky to have one of her dogs! Like other reputable breeders she is Always available to help in any way possible. I've seen this first hand. 

Im new to this site but,have a great deal of experience. Most with Dobe's. I'm on her wait list for a pup as we speak. I'm not sure I understand some of the comments I've read. Remember this though...sometimes people have their own agenda. Do your research. Look at her Dobe's bloodlines. Breeder of Merit! How could anyone ever come to a different conclusion about Lynn's DOBE'S,her honesty,blood lines you name it! 

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Sometimes we have to log on again to get the comment box to show up.