Is Anyone Else Having Trouble With This Site?

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For the last several days, I have been having trouble on this site. (major bummer!) There seems to be something running in the background. The little circle thing just keeps spinning when I click on a topic or try to maneuvre from page to page or try to scroll up or down.  I notice there are ads now that appear on the upper portion of this website.  I tried to disable them but that doesn't seem to be an option. Is anyone else having difficulty? 

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It sounds like you may have picked up some kind of malware that is injecting ads into websites?  I got something like that once, managed to root it out but don't recall how now.  :-/  You can probably Google up some results, or maybe take your comp to someone with experience (shop etc.)

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My anti virus will scan and remove malware etc. so check your anti virus program for that option and dump your history and temporary internet files