7 month old female

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 hi. I got my girl off the internet at 5 months old. She was in a cage with a shock colar on when I went to get her. She is very sweet but very head strong. She will not listen to me for anything. She is now 8 months and has been fixed. She's good at sit,lay down and come when she feels like it. But table surfs,digs grabs everything to chew goes after my cat to kill and is unruly.how can I make her happy and me happy as well. Does this have to do with having a colar like this on at such an early age? I have a 6yr old male dobbie mix that I never had these problems with


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Please post this question to the general forum or to the puppy training problems section so people can see it and answer you.

How much exercise is your dog getting?? a bored dog is a destructive dog and acts out......

what training methods are you using anything that you can add to what you are and aren't doing would help

again post this to the other forums for better exposure

And welcome to the group you will find tons of great advice and experience here