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After many years and many photo postings later.. Photo Bucket is turning on me..

What other program do you use to post pictures here on the Forum

I've copied and tried to paste..however.. I'm at a loss..

Need another program..


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Hi Lady Kate,

 I see you inserted a beauty of the Diva and Mike in another thread, did you use the insert photo function on GD?

 Here is what I do:

Change my photo to 4"x4" and +-2mb size,

>>Select the picture in above menu,

>>hit browse server,

>>select upload,

>>choose file ie select your photo,

>>upload (again),

>>insert file, you will see the picture or part of it, which will then be on your post.

I am on Michael's computer so I am sharing a photo of his Mom Sandy. We went on an adventure cruise to Alaska and she ( and her sons and grandsons... not me) had just finished jumping off the ship into 30 degree Glacier Bay!!!! She is 75 and a cancer survivor and the grand daughter of the inventor of modern day lifesaving.

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Thanks Jules... great photo and wonderful story.

I have no idea what I did.. some times it works.. other times ... it just doesn't.

Am so technically challenge... I mean.. seriously..

smooches to the pooches..